Chicago Trifecta of Mugging, Beating and Street Twerking All in One Video

Chicago Trifecta of Mugging, Beating and Street Twerking All in One Video
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Charlie Kirk – Chicago Trifecta of Mugging, Beating and Street Twerking All in One Video

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Yep, totally white supremacy is running rampant

This must be the “white rage” General Milley is trying to understand

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This is exactly what happens when law and order is not enforced by the “SO CALLED” leadership! Lightfoot or whatever her real name is, is leading the way for a totally violent Chicago. The really sad fact is, she’s turning her back on her own constituents, while she sucks them dry! That’s the norm when Democrats gain control of anything. Law and order, that’s something that the Democrats withhold from the people that supported them. Why? It’s just another way to make our fellow black Americans bend to their demands. As an American, I will fight against the racism and disrespect that the Democrats have imposed upon our Black American Citizens! I can only hope that both, the Democrats and our fellow Black Americans realize that most Americans will join them in destroying the Democrat attempts to keep them less important (informed) and treated like a substandard human beings!

Geneva Stevens



What are you talking about, they are thugs and animals


Nothing but cowards and porch monkeys!!

Ken Chambers

These two legged creature are far below humans and animal


The demonRAT’s endless loop of misery, coming soon to all our cities if we don’t vote these monsters out of office.


These communist muslim demonRATs are taking us BACKWARDS …. OUT OF CIVILIZATION…… They have raised up savages, incited them to hate, and to destroy. And, they are showing their mentality, or the lack thereof……

These sorry excuses for humans are regressing, not progressing……DemonRAT states and cities are looking like Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, and Kenya. Is this their fundamental transformation from a civilized country to the stone age?

They are creating a war zone where they are the only ones at war…… a scourge to society…..gangs roaming mindlessly, stealing and beating up people and hurting them just for fun.

These sorry excuses of a human beings are savage barbarians. This makes me sick to my stomach.

The people in these cities elected these monsters who dictate over them and pad their pockets with their hard earned money. They are a mafia who rule like Hitler.

If these liberal voters can’t see what they have done, they are a FAR lower IQ than the mayors and the governors that they elected. People like this are like a broken record, and the record keeps on turning, and the needle stays in that one groove.

Are these demonRAT voters all on drugs? Have they been on drugs for so long that their brains have turned to mush and can’t figure out that they need someone in office that will stop this cave man insanity?

For crying out loud !!!!!!!! All they have to do is VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE, and put a conservative, God loving, America loving, Constitution loving, law abiding patriot in the monsters place!


They wonder why people look at them differently, maybe because they are animals.

Old Feeble Joe

This why BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER! If you weren’t a racist before you watched this video, you just might be one now. These are hate crimes committed by black thugs. These scumbags deserve to be called the “N” word, because that’s what they are.


People acting like wild animals! That’s what happens when there is no law and order. Mayor Lightfoot needs to be removed from office and replaced by someone that will enforce the law and restore order on the streets of Chicago.