Protest Outside Chicago Mayor’s Home

Chicago Mayor Unable to Maintain Law and Order
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How worried can the Democrats be? Are they truly afraid to seek help from the President of the United States? Can this be the current situation? Well, it would be rather unfortunate to hear that the officials of Chicago are scared to accept help from President Trump. The violent crimes in Chicago cannot get any worse. The percentage of crimes has grown considerably in the region. Even with the most recent situation, authorities are apprehensive to approach the president. So what exactly happened? What is the current situation in this region? 

The Violent Neighborhood

Today, if you read the news, you will understand just how violent and how dangerous being in Chicago has become. There have been 12 deaths and at least 63 shootings in the region. All of these incidents happened over a single weekend. Indeed, the current state of Chicago has worried most of its authorities. A former police officer, Alderman Anthony Napolitano, reported to Fox News that Chicago truly needs help. The city is in desperate need for intervention. Yet authorities are not prepared to ask the President for any assistance. Why? This is mainly because seeking help from the President will make him appear victorious. 

Asking Help! 

If Chicago decides to ask the President for help, it converts the entire move into a political one. The “help” offered can be utilized for political gain. This is something that most authorities in Chicago are aware off. As a result, it has kept the authorities from seeking the help of President Trump. At least, this is how Alderman Anthony Napolitano sees the situation.

Napolitano didn’t stop there. He strongly believes that the crime rate of Chicago is growing exponentially. In fact, he is blowing the current crime rate of Chicago out of proportion. This is how adverse the situation has turned into. Undeniably, something has to be done.

The Numbers! 

The crime percentage in Chicago has grown by leaps and bounds. Statistics reveal that the percentage is as high as 71% between 2019 and 2020. In the month of May 2020, nearly 409 people were shot in Chicago. The percentage of murders has gone up by nearly 60%. Numbers reveal that 85 people were murdered by the end of May 2020. Most of these incidents have happened within a span of five short months. 

What makes the situation horrifying is the fact that these “numbers” are only going to get worse.

The Justice Movement, what went wrong? 

As a part of bringing the situation under control, a justice movement was initiated at Grant Park — a statue was placed at the venue. Both men and women were made to move around the park. This justice movement included the police officers of Chicago too. However, the act didn’t end well. The entire event was torn down. Intruders did their best to stop the justice movement. Nearly 1000 protesters were assembled at the Grant Park, with 30 police officers to protect them. In spite of the rigorous arrangements, the event didn’t go well. This proves that the city seriously needs help. At least, this is what Napolitano claims. 

Did they finally send a Letter? 

Nothing has improved. The city needs a way to pull itself together — one more time. Hence, the authorities had to write a letter to the President. The President of Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police wrote a letter to President Trump. He seeked for help through the letter. Meanwhile, he slammed all the authorities in Chicago, including the reputed Mayor Lori Lightfoot. The letter described how Mayor Lori Lightfoot is unable to bring law and order into the city. He is unsure of whether the Mayor is unwilling, or whether he is just unable of handling the situation. 

In the letter, he shows willingness to sit down together and come up with a plan that would bring peace and order into Chicago. The law and order team strongly believes that the common man should be protected. The good men and women must not be harmed. 

The Voice of the President 

On the other hand, the President claims that the crime rate at cities like Chicago are much worse than a “war”. The idea of witnessing 88 shootings is not funny. Indeed, the situation has to be brought under control.