Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Wears a Bizarre Costume to a News Conference

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Wears a Bizarre Costume to a News Conference
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Chicago has witnessed a dramatic rise in violence during Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s tenure. Her tenure has also been marked with the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax and the full-frontal assaults against churches disguised as public health regulations.

Even after all of those, she has never been held accountable by the media.

A major reason why Lightfoot became mayor is her identity — she is black and gay. Since she didn’t become mayor for her wisdom or expertise on anything in particular, she continues to show that she is unfit and unqualified to remain on the seat.

On Thursday, she showed up at a news conference sporting a bizarre Halloween outfit.

Her press conference was held to announce that unlike the Easter Sunday worship services, she would not be canceling Halloween. She came on stage dressed up as the “Corona Destroyer,” wearing a cape and passing out trick-or-treat candy.

“Trick-or-treating will be allowed in Chicago this Halloween, with some restrictions,” Lightfoot said before continuing, “Those going door-to-door cannot be in groups larger than six, must ‘keep it moving’ and social distance.”

COVID-19 restrictions in Chicago are easing up — classes at gyms can now include more people, and personal services that require a mask to be removed, such as facials, are now allowed.

The alcohol curfew for bars and restaurants has also been moved to 1 AM. Bars that don’t serve food can seat people indoors at 25% capacity, and those that do serve food can open at 40% capacity, with a maximum number of 50 people per space.

With over 3,100 people shot in Chicago just this year alone, anyone would think that Mayor Lightfoot has more urgent things to do and prioritize over putting on the “Corona Destroyer” outfit.

The violence in Chicago has gotten so bad that the citizens are almost always under threat as if they lived in a third-world country, but it seems that even that isn’t worth her full attention.

Back in July, Lightfoot had garnered attention when she introduced the “Census Cowboy” as she urged the citizens to participate in the 2020 census.

Jessica O’Donnell replied to the video clip of Mayor Lightfoot dressed as the “Corona Destroyer,” asking if she had not learned anything from the “Census Cowboy” disaster.

With Lightfoot’s most recent outfit, it seems that she indeed hasn’t.