Chicago Deputy Police Chief Dead In Apparent Suicide

Chicago Deputy Police Chief Dead In Apparent Suicide
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On the 28th of July, a Tuesday morning, the Deputy Police Chief of Chicago was found dead. Reports claim that the police officer had committed suicide. The police leaders have ascertained on this fact. Lately, several police officers in the highest ranks have chosen to give up on their own lives. This has turned into a pattern, especially in big cities and states throughout the country. In this particular incident, it was Dion Boyd.

Boyd was found dead at the police facility. He was staying at the Homan Square Police Facility, which is located towards the West Side. The body was identified by David Brown, who was a Police Superintendent from the division Boyd worked for. Details about the inspection were shared by Brown during a press conference, which was conducted on Tuesday afternoon.

The press conference

The press conference was not an easy one for Brown. He had to focus on many emotional details, including the friends and family members Boyd had left behind. The briefing happened at the Police Headquarters. Brown started by saying, “Many lives will remain changed forever.” This was the essence of the words shared by Brown.

Brown and the rest of the police officers strongly believe that Boyd will be missed. His presence will be missed by each and every one at the police force. Brown continued and concluded his speech with, “I ask to keep his friends and family in your prayers and thoughts.”

Who is Boyd?

Many might wonder who Boyd actually is — or was.

To begin with, Boyd was a 57-year-old police officer. He had been promoted quite recently. Soon afterwards, he became the Deputy Chief of Criminal Networks. During his tenure, he had to focus on narcotics investigations. He also had to take care of long-term gang investigations. Boyd’s job was never simple. It was always filled with surprise and untold challenges. Boyd’s death leaves a big gap in the police force. This is a gap which will take a considerable amount of time to be filled.

Before the promotion, Boyd served in many lower-ranking roles, including leadership positions. For example, he had been the Commander of the Wentworth Patrol District. The patrol was responsible for handling locations like the Bronzeville, Hyde Park, and Washington Park. These were South Side neighborhoods, covered by Boyd.

When Boyd was only 29 years old, he was a field lieutenant. This was when he took care of the Calumet Patrol District. During this period, Boyd was responsible for regions like West Pullman and Roseland. Once again, these were South Side neighborhoods handled by Boyd. For a short span of time, Boyd worked as a Sergeant in the Bureau of Internal Affairs. His performance was commendable, and he was soon promoted to the detective facility.

As mentioned previously, the role played by Boyd was never simple. He had to face multiple challenges throughout his career. Almost everyone who knew Boyd was aware of his intense schedules and responsibilities. Yet Boyd was always delighted to take up new tasks, mainly because it ensured the welfare and safety of others.

Most police officers who worked with Boyd recognize him as a positive leader. He was someone who pushed everyone around him to achieve better results, and to always do their best. In simpler terms, he was always a happy person. He appeared at work in his best spirit, always took initiative to finish tasks, and was always plenty of energy.

The final run!

Boyd’s body was carefully taken on a procession from the Homan Square to the very end. This happened on Tuesday. Scores of officers rode in both marked and unmarked cars from the squad. The cars were carefully positioned between two fire trucks, which carried the flag of United States. The flag was neatly draped between the ladders of both trucks.

A problematic situation

The Chicago Police Department has become famous for its high rate of suicides. The issue was brought to light early 2017. The report clearly mentioned that suicide rates in this part of the country are much higher than the average around the nation. The situation has to be controlled — to save more lives, and to preserve the integrity of the police force.