Charles Barkley calls out Nick Cannon’s anti-Semitism

Charles Barkley calls out Nick Cannon's anti-Semitism
Image credit to Wikimedia Commons.

“I’m so disappointed in these men, but I don’t understand how you beat hatred with more hatred.”

Charles Barkley, the former NBA star, rained criticism towards television host and rapper, Nick Cannon. He also disapproved of the actions of the popular ESPN analyst Stephen Jackson, rapper Ice Cube, and Eagles star DeSean Jackson.

The anti-Semitic remarks of these four celebrities hugely upset the former Hall of Fame star. He addressed these people in his podcast titled “The Steam Room.” Barkley exclaimed that anti-Semitism must stop immediately.

He said he was shocked at the ignorance of these stars with regards to this matter. The insensitive attitude of celebrities also greatly shocked him. He said that it is pointless to root for racial equality if celebrities were to say such words. The ex- NBA star also made it clear that having such negative views on race will hamper the very goal of equality.

Barkley emphasized on the importance of respect. He said that respect is a two-way street. If someone wants to be respected, they must respect others in return. The NBA legend exclaimed that the whole purpose of Black Lives Matter should be destroyed if these things go on.

“Never, ever. That’s not in my heart. Not in my soul. That’s not in my DNA.” Barkley said that he could never utter such words as were spoken by these four celebrities.

The media has hugely criticized the four figures called out by Barkley. Nick Cannon faced major backlash for spreading negative and false anti-Semitic theories. Viacom sacked him as a result. Cannon issued a public apology following his removal.

Stephen Jackson has also faced the music after supporting DeSean Jackson. The latter posted a quote dedicated to Hitler on his social media. The media was very angry. He was showered with criticism post this act. Stephen Jackson defended DeSean in this matter and landed himself in hot waters with his fans and the media.

Stephen Jackson has been at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter protests since they started. However, his recent action might have cost him his hard work. Many celebrities even regarded his action as unnecessary as well as insensitive to the very community he is fighting for.

Meanwhile, Ice Cube posted a series of tweets that spread anti-Semitic theories. The tweets made by the rapper indicate that Jews were solely responsible for Black oppression. These anti-Semitic remarks had images in support of them.

Charles Barkley, in his podcast, condemned all the people guilty of anti-Semitic behavior. He urged people to understand the importance of equality. The podcast mentioned that people in high places have the chance to make things right and guide people the right way.

Millions of youth look up to celebrities for opportunities, guidance as well as the right path. If they were to act negligently, not much could be expected of others.

Several celebrities have recently apologized for anti-Semitic remarks. However, Barkley rebuked these apologies by calling them ‘flimsy’ as well as ‘lightweight.’ He said that people could only make such comments if they believed in something. He said that he would never accept these remarks since hollow apologies bear no weight for him.

These anti-Semitic remarks have received not only criticism from the media but also has the whole sports and Hollywood industry talking. The Black Lives Matter movement has stirred a very important dialogue in America. However, if anti-Semitism takes over, this movement could get seriously affected.

Stars in support of Barkley rightly believe that anti-Semitism needs to be stopped right away. The continuance of anti-Semitism in any way can harm the efforts of thousands of Black Lives Matter supporters that have tirelessly taken to the streets to fight for equality.

People who are trying to honor George Floyd’s memory and keeping the protests alive can be hampered in their process if anti-Semitism is not eradicated.

It is indeed a very crucial time for Americans. Barkley has hoped and begged in his podcast that celebrities respect equality and transform their negative opinions. He has even urged that this change needs to happen, and it needs to happen real fast. Positive change is the only way America can attain complete racial equality.