Celebrity Nick Cannon receives praise from radical leftists for going on an INSANE racist tirade.

Celebrity Nick Cannon receives praise from radical leftists for going on an INSANE racist tirade.
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Nick Cannon, multimedia entrepreneur, “masked” singer, and the former judge of America’s Got Talent, was furiously attacked over a series of anti-Semitic comments he made on his podcast “Cannon’s Class”.

Ousted from his show

After his comments went viral, Viacom CBS ousted Cannon from his long time comedy franchise “Wild ‘N Out.” He pushed back on Twitter with a series of tweets explaining the unjust and poor treatment of the company toward someone who doesn’t agree to be their mouthpiece.

As the news became viral, social media was flooded. Even Diddy hailed Cannon a hero for calling out the corporate hypocrisy.

Apologized publicly for his rants

But before 24 hours had passed, he let go of his risqué post on social media. The star took a different turn. After knowing that he would not be fired from his show on Fox Network, he removed the video. He also publicly apologized for his harsh and ruthless rants against the Jewish people.

The star stated in his post that he felt ashamed and guilty for not knowing the facts before making the comments. He extended his deepest, heartfelt, and sincere apologies for the harsh and hurtful words he had used against his Jewish brothers and sisters.

After his fallout over the anti-Semitic comments, Nick Cannon’s show got delayed to 2021, but was not canceled. This decision took place after his public apology on his social media platform. The production company believed in Cannon’s sincere apology and decided to keep him.

The production company gave Cannon his chance to heal as he would be meeting with the leaders of the Jewish Community. They have restored their hope in him to use his extraordinary talents and his platform to entertain, enlighten, and unite his audience on the Nick Cannon Talk Show.

Talking it out and Understanding

Emily Cousens, in her interview, told Sky News that Nick Cannon’s comments regarding white people were indicative of a “cultural Marxist” thinking.

She also drew light on the fact that racism against whites isn’t a bad thing because it could not even be considered racism in the first place.

She stated that people could not be racist against white people, because in their kind of cultural Marxist Universe, the white people are represented as the oppressor class and not the ones being oppressed.

Getting to know Nick Cannon

You do not need to belong to the Jewish Community to realize just how harsh, insensitive, and malicious the comments made by Nick Cannon were. Although the way he dealt with the backlash he received was nothing short of amusing. Being an excellent entertainer, one of the best in the business, and being an entrepreneur is a balance that he continues to strike the right way.

He was actually applauded by Darnell Hunt, director of UCLA’s Ralph J. Bunche Centre for African American Studies and head of a study on Hollywood diversity. He talked about the space that entertainers like Nick use nowadays to talk about tough issues such as police brutality and community attacks.

He further added that this was not the scenario a decade ago, and the desire for this ‘space’ was evident in Cannon during his hit off in January.

Cannon, who completed his studies in criminology last year from Howard University, gives his viewers insight on how keen he is. It is reflective of his eagerness to learn and grow. This was highlighted when he admitted his mistake of hurting the sentiments of the Jewish community and apologized for his blunder.

In his apology to the Jewish community, he stated that it pained him to his core that he had hurt an entire community with his words. And, when he thought it couldn’t get any worse, his own community lashed out at him. They called him a sell-out for apologizing.

An hour later, after the backlash from his community and ever-present social media, he finally gave up. He wrote on his twitter that we could all have this planet, while clearly stating how exhausting all this had been.