CBS Host is Torched Live on the Air by the Israeli PM…

Netanyahu Torches CBS Host Live on the Air for Asking Unreal Question

The Next News Network – The Daily Wire reports, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed CBS News host John Dickerson on Sunday over seeming insinuations Dickerson made that Israel was not being careful to avoid the killing of innocent civilians as it targeted Palestinian terrorists inside Gaza.

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MSM is the enemy of the people.

Love it that he didn’t let him interrupt him and not finish what he wanted to say.

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Israel tries to avoid the populace, but hamas doesn’t care where the rockets land, they suck.

ahem tonto

John Dickerson is another socialist democrat specialist. A liar in their propaganda department referred to as the U.S. news media. Another traitor!


CNN fronts for the democratic communist party. Too bad we have to listen to such crap. Where is the FTC and keeping terrorist BS off the air. Oh that is right, we are a nation of open discussion from all sides of the argument. I believe that our open air ways should have a true balance of conversations and that would mean opposing view must be aired along with the BS. A neutral voice must be heard and thee people will judge.