CAUGHT: Pelosi Violates San Fransico Mask Ordinance To Get Her Hair Done

CAUGHT: Pelosi Violates San Fransico Mask Ordinance To Get Her Hair Done
Image Screenshot From Reagan Battalion Twitter Post Below.

Nancy Pelosi, the current House Speaker, was spotted stepping into a hair salon on Monday afternoon.

The local ordinance has made the instructions pretty clear. According to the orders issued, all salons must remain shut, owing to the deadly pandemic plaguing the country.

Pelosi, the powerhouse speaker, was caught on tape in San Francisco. She was witnessed stepping out of ESalonSF with her hair all wet, but that’s not all. Her mouth and face were bare and exposed — she was not wearing any mask.

The stylist, who has supposedly pampered the lady with a relaxing hair day, was seen following her while donning a black face mask. At least the stylist was adhering to the norms.

All salons have been ordered to remain closed since March. The salons can reopen on the first of September, but on Monday, no salons were supposed to carry on with their regular services. Permission for services of outdoor hair-styling is sanctioned. Madam Pelosi could have waited. What was the rush, anyway?

President Trump did not wait to call out Pelosi in his angry tweet. “Nancy Pelosi has been careless and reprehensible. Who is she trying to decimate? Forcing a salon to open and get her personal stylist at work, just to get a blow-dry. Nancy is a woman who has responsibilities on her shoulders. This is clearly an act of breaking the rules. First, coercing the salon to open just for her personal business. Second, she was careless enough to not wear a mask. Hasn’t she been constantly lecturing the citizens of San Francisco to wear masks at all times? Guess the lady is having a moment of feeble memory. We are more dedicated than ever to take back the house and send Pelosi packing.”

Erica Kious, the owner of the salon, had a phone interview with Fox News. She spilled the beans on Pelosi’s visit to her salon.

Kious stated that she has a bunch of independent stylists employed who rent chairs in her salon. “One of my stylists called me up on Sunday night, asking if she could rent a chair,” commented Erica.

To Erica’s surprise, the stylist informed her that Pelosi wanted her hair fixed, and that she would drop by at 2:45 PM the next day. A screenshot has been going viral ever since. It was a text message from Pelosi’s personal assistant.

Kious was shaken and pretty much in a state of shock. She stated, “I couldn’t think clear for a moment. Next thing I realize, and I was like, ‘Is she fooling around?’ I was completely thrown in a pickle and did not know what to do or how to react. After all, it was a House Speaker, one of the lawmakers in San Francisco asking for a hair makeover. My hands were tied and there was very little I could think of at that point.”

Nancy’s visit to the salon in secrecy is nothing but double standard.

“It was more like a punch in her face, the moment she stepped inside the salon. We are bearing the brunt of no business, no revenues. And this lady thinks that she can just trot into a salon and get services done as and when she wants. To top it off, it is unbelievable that the power woman did not bother to put on a face mask.” Erica Kious couldn’t control her fury and concern over the incident, as she stated in her interview with Fox News.

The speaker certainly could not sit dumbfounded, right? So she stated that the salon owes her an apology. “It is a setup. Everything was staged. It is a salon in my neighborhood that I have visited umpteen times and that too, for years. This is not even close to being loyal.”

Nancy has mostly been spotted wearing a mask and following the protocols to battle the coronavirus situation in the country. On Monday, however, the rules apparently went lax for the Speaker. She stepped in and said that the city has granted permission to reopen business, but they could only have one customer at a time. Drew Hammill, the chief spokesperson for Pelosi, stated, “Nancy was abiding by the rules.”

Now this is quite the drama full of lies and misleading information. Nancy Pelosi should have tried better. The salon owners have been struggling each day, trying to figure out ways to recoup their losses. Erica even mentioned, “It took me well over a decade, almost 12 years to set up a flourishing business. The last few months have been all about struggles and hardships. We can’t work. We can’t earn. Our savings are all we have.”

How responsible is it for a House Speaker to spring in when none of the salons can run their businesses for as long as 6 months?