Capitol on high alert, Dems push H.R. 1, Biden mistreats troops!

Capitol on high alert, Dems push H.R. 1, Biden mistreats troops!

Newsmax TV – WASHINGTON: As House Democrats’ majority has allowed the H.R. 1 bill to pass, pundits and lawmakers await its fate in the Senate, plus National Guard troops continue to stay stationed in DC and around The Capitol, while there are reports of the armed forces members being further mistreated.

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Americans are waking up to this scam. Most popular president with no popularity.

We Want Our President The One We Voted For And Our President Is President Trump.

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Gerald S Ladd

Ever since drooling Joe, and the HO hit Dc, it’s been on alert for something. Then again joe’s idiots get their intel from Facebook.


Some misguided, ignorant and/ or treasonous Americans allowed a Mentally Unstable and Treasonous Individual to take control of our Republic! Eventually, all their identities will be known and they will pay for their betrayal and treason. There is only one reason why DC is on “high alert”, that’s because this is an illegitimate government controlled by George Soros and the Communist Chinese! Every crooked and treasonous politician knows that eventually Americans will rise up against their corruption and treason and deal with them like the scum they are. This is war, we didn’t ask for it, or want it but, you idiots think that you’re above the law but, I think that you’ve forgotten about, “VIGILANTE LAW”!

Lorraine E Blazich

What a Huge Phony performance by queen nancy pelosi pretending to be afraid of people who love our country. She deserves an Emmy for her performance. She is pretending to be afraid of the patriots who she has labeled as “white supremacists” because she is the person who arranged for her comrades, antifa and BLM, who were disguised as patriots, to lead the charge into the capitol during the January 6th SET UP. The entire performance was arranged by the democrats three weeks before it happened so that the democrats completely controlled LYING corporate press could LIE and report that the patriots broke into the capitol and LIE again and say that President Trump told them to do it. The entire event was a complete fraud SET UP by queen nancy pelosi and it worked perfectly. Queen nancy isn’t afraid of anything because as everyone knows that there are high speed railroads under D.C. so that all of our high paid politicians can quickly escape from any event.