Candace Owens Interviews BLM Leader and Shreds Him

Candace Owens Interviews BLM Leader and Shreds Him

Candace Owens and BLM Leader Hawk Newsome Interview


[00:00:14] Really excited about my guest today, who was the president now is the chairman of Black Lives Matter in the New York chapter, and it is the most necessary conversation to have hauk Newsome.

[00:00:24] Welcome to the Kansas own show. Thanks for having me system. Have you ever sat across from literally Hitler? I am now.

[00:00:32] It’s a very important one. I see. And and I talk about this all the time as I think the biggest problem facing the black community is not police brutality by any regards. It’s like if I had to make a list of 100 things that were impacting the black community, police brutality would be on top 100. I think it’s it’s it’s a scam left to scam. It’s not going to let the scam. I truly believe it’s let the scam. It’s not helping. It’s not helping them. What’s helping whatsoever. And it’s actually reversing and harming our community more. Because what the left does all the time is they seize a new show pony that they want us to be obsessed with looking at all the time, every four years so that they can control our vote and they can make us emotional. And in 2016, it was the myth and I say myth of police brutality. I mean that when you look at the rate white men and Hispanic men are being shot down at a higher rate, not more of them, a higher rate than black men. OK.

[00:01:18] So unless there’s a Hispanic lives matter to that means to me. And the timing of it is always suspicious. But also, I’m supposed to be a mystery protesting. It’s right before election cycles. They released some information in Buckyball are supposed to be outrage. Our community is too emotional, point blank, period. We have to start to be rational and say, hey, now, I know that right now is election cycle. And every single night on CNN, they’re showing me images of black men dying. Why would that be? Why is it that after Trump won, those images magically went away? Nobody cared about black lies. My. I haven’t. I can’t find CNN doing all of the special. It was like every day primetime was a Black Lives Matter thing. Trump won. They were like, all right. By then they went on to rape and they were on to me, too. And they went on to trying to stop this and that. And I think that that is the biggest problem, the black man, is that we don’t realize that we have been emotionally manipulated. And it’s off our vote. Nobody cares.

[00:02:14] Listen. Let me tell you something. At any rate, last manic people that were killed by police do our work. Do you know the names of any white or Hispanic people that were killed by us?

[00:02:24] Oh, my God. Lambi is.

[00:02:28] Do I know why I’m asking you this? Why? If you’re actually like police brutality. Why are you making it? And we know for a fact that they are blacks and were not brutalized at a higher rate than white people or Hispanic people. Why not just make it a movement about the things that go wrong in the police?

[00:02:44] Here’s the thing. When black people get their rights, everybody gets rights. You know, history when we got the right to vote.

[00:02:54] Everybody got to make call when we were able to sit at the front of the bus.

[00:03:00] Everybody was. When we went to college. Everyone would. We are trailblazers. Not only do we set trends in culture, in music and fashion, but also in law like this is what we do. So let us kick this door in.

[00:03:22] And in March, you had the last word. That bothers me.

[00:03:25] You have such a platform to hit. The biggest issue facing the black community today is father absence. They broke down our families and with the flesh in the home. Barack Obama tells you what happens when you move the one with the father in the home you have.

[00:03:36] So there’s 27 people for Agnes and for me.

[00:03:39] I’m not, man. Let me let me finish. How many people is father absent? Is the food. Do we know? And how is the food photographs? And this is a correctable problem.

[00:03:48] It’s the sugar. It’s the grease. Is these fast food companies in his soda companies poisoning us.

[00:03:54] And how is this not only a black problem, Republicans care about health care in their tax dollars. Going toward that, they should put money in getting black people healthier because all they do is poisonous and promoting sugary drinks, these sugary foods, and shove them down our throats and black people walking around their legs are swollen. My dad, dad on his seventh heart attack. That’s what’s killing us. That’s the biggest form of racism. If you want to talk about the absence of fathers, did you look, look at the American government, put noley fathers in jail, a disproportionate rate, black people go to jail at higher rates, then why?

[00:04:38] That is correct. I can explain to you how that’s related to father absence. We listen to you all. I mean, I just get excited and crazy. I’m great now. Everything is related to father absence.

[00:04:48] So the one thing that they did strategically after the 50s when LBJ came in and said, OK, he has it on the record. LBJ, a Democrat president, saying, you know these to the right to vote. We have to give them something a little bit to make them think that we’re helping when they’re actually hurting us. So they gave us the welfare programs where the welfare programs do. They successfully broke down the black family. The single motherhood rate in the 1960s was a twenty three percent in our community. Motherhood rate today is at 74 percent. Barack Obama actually gave a brilliant speech talking about what father absence actually does. If you want to kill an entire entire community, all you have do is move the fathers. Okay? That kid is is 20 times more likely to go to jail, six times more likely to drop out of high school. Everything that we’re talking about here can be related back to father absence and money to the welfare system. Actually create initiative says it’s a women. We will give you more money. It’s true.

[00:05:38] This is not about a damn faucet. How do they enforce it?

[00:05:42] I mean, what incentivized to grew up and incentivize, you know, they would do. This is why they’re having licensing Zeb hardballs. And is it want more? They want more than a glass half full image, little guy, that make sure that the men were out of the homes and out. Who did this?

[00:05:54] Who did these policies? Were this? Whose were they? Who who are the people that are who are they? LBJ and the Great Society Act.

[00:06:00] Ok. And what country wouldn’t what country would continue to in America.

[00:06:05] So you’re agreeing with socially that Black Lives Matter. Talk about putting fathers back in the home. You think people don’t? No, I really don’t. Now, don’t you like this? This happens consistently. But do you have the lose finally kept it real. You’re losing. What do you have to lose? On the other side, Democrats were gonna give you more. The Black Caucus stood and applauded more food stamps. The welfare system is harming the black community. Strategically, it was oppressive. It was oppressive when it was when it came in and when it came, you got this. They know they’ve got. It was a Ponzi mizin. Big little prison. I mean, I have said some is a thousand times black people. You get the room, I’ll tell you, all Republicans are racist. I’m like the Democrats created every oppressive system that we talk about when we say, oh, prisons all love. That’s because found in the home. Oh, food stamps.

[00:07:00] Welfare ball block would have the Republicans like like like, okay, where have the Republicans failed black people that they haven’t done anything to correct it. Right. Not only did the Republicans give up around the 1960s on getting the black vote, but they couldn’t have actively sought to press the black vote.

[00:07:28] Ok, so you look at most cities, the voting issues. You look at voter suppression. Right. And it’s Republicans behind this. Now, you said if I was right, you’d admit it.

[00:07:39] But I was asking you to explain it further because I wanted to show that a lowering way here in laws like you have to do three black lives to sell missiles in a mall. You have an I.D. year in I.D., although plenty of blushing, although all of these black people are too stupid to get a driver’s license. Would you call black? Because to me, I’m I’m offended that people call that word. I’m asking you, Senator, I’m asking you something.

[00:08:00] I’m offended when people say to me that that that oppresses us. I’m like, I don’t know a single black person that doesn’t have I.D. You can’t drive. You can’t buy a pack of cigarettes. You can’t buy alcohol. I don’t think we’re so stupid that we can’t figure out how to get I.D. It’s insulting to call that voter suppression.

[00:08:14] Ok, just a black your heart. Figure out how to I.D. a way out. That’s him. And I will not accept that we’re too stupid to I.D. our no single out living all day.

[00:08:24] Everybody knows that. You can’t work that out. You can’t work without I.D.. I get it. Yes, you can work. Yes. You can’t work unless you say, well, you want to have some form of I.D. when they won your Social Security number and all that stuff, you have to give them something to work with.

[00:08:35] Actually, you don’t. You’re just going to give them a source. You don’t have to have your physical.

[00:08:38] Yes. You don’t have in your car. You have mcnorton. You guys. You can’t have your I.D. you live in. Do you live amongst your taking?

[00:08:52] This is why people call you name. You speak sometimes. And I’m saying it’s from a very earnest place. You talk like a person who hates black.

[00:09:01] No, I’m talking like if I was your mother, you need to get up off your ass and get nice. We need that. We need a little more people telling us to get up off our asses and do stuff. We just we need to stop being handed excuses and start being told, you know, how to do this. Figure out what you need to do. You type an American does not figure it’s not hard. You got Google now. How can I get my I.D., OK? You cannot objectively say that you think that Republicans have done more harm to black than Democrats.

[00:09:26] Can you. This is the problem. I want to know. I just.

[00:09:37] First off, we’re talking about the black me, I don’t wanna talk about illegal immigrants, because until the black Moonies fix, I do not care on the record about a single illegal and allow me to care about a child separated from its mother at the border because their mother was doing something illegal and got caught. Does anybody cry when when black parents get locked up and they have to be separated from their children for years? OK, so do it and stop. You can miss me entirely. Your legal immigrant argument? I do, especially because legal immigration negatively impacts who first and foremost, black marriage in the age of 18 21. So asking the black community to stand up for legal immigrants is like asking me to take a shovel and do my own grief, not doing it. I won’t do it.

[00:10:13] We’ll give no focus to illegal immigrants until the three point nine million black adult kids that are in poverty don’t care about living life.

[00:10:19] I would like to see a system where we stop allowing Mexicans because they are geographically positioned to sprint into this border and demand rights and go on welfare.

[00:10:27] There are so many people in Africa via a merit based system who are more than worthy of having an American citizenship, that those numbers are so low because of illegal immigration. They’re coming in, jumping over the border. So I’m actually very pro merit based African country. People are trying to be doctors. I’m I’m sick of his rate of two percent that come from Africa every year. So I actually that’s actually the biggest reason I support the wall is I don’t think we have enough African immigrants in this country.

[00:11:02] I imagine you are a walking mega hit.

[00:11:10] It are walking Magga. He has really fun. It is. Yeah, but the whole band about socialism, like I’m not a socialist, was so bad about it. And this is this is the thing. I just want to watch when he’s got an economics, I.

[00:11:24] Let’s see. It’s killed 100 million people in the last year in the last 100 years. OK. It’s been tried on every continent in the last 100 years and it just ends. And people dying in communism. It’s being tried actively right now in Venezuela. People are fleeing Venezuela. The average citizen has lost 18 power. You know what? But hey, you know what?

[00:11:39] Let’s try it in America. Right? In America. You.

[00:11:50] The reality of it is, if it’s triggering in is traumatic and it’s symbolic of four hundred years of oppression, then he should be done away with no one. No one has effectively addressed the oppression of black people in this country to date. And this is what we are doing at this stage.

[00:12:13] And this, I believe. I mean, this is really Reistad and I believe the black man can do without government handouts. I’m insulted by the insinuation that black people aren’t smart enough to figure out how to get I.D.. I think we’re overly overly sensitive, harping on a hotline hotline. I’m just not. I’m not. I think we’re overly sensitive. You’re right. But I’m saying I believe we’re overly sensitive and that because we are overly sensitive, our emotions are able to be harnessed by people that just want political advantage over others. And that is why we are seeing people that are demonizing call races. And if we don’t start to think, to start to think clearly and set aside emotion and have conversations. And this is William Blackspot. I was just conferences to talk about abortion.

[00:12:51] We talk about all these different issues like see the black exit from what the left Democrat Party and going where independent. Your mark get set. Hawk Newsom’s two minutes.

[00:13:06] We one an. As one society, we’ll never be OK. Unless the least of us is OK. We can’t leave people behind.

[00:13:20] There’s no reason that the value of a dollar should be worth more than the value of a human life. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t achieve whatever they want in life, perdition, be people starving in America. They shouldn’t be hunger in America. And for God’s sakes, there shouldn’t be racism in America. People have the opportunity now to stop playing games with systemic oppression and really eradicate it. You eradicate it through institutions. You improve our schools in a real way. If you want black people to stop, quote unquote, relying on the government, then you teach them how to fish instead of giving them fish. If you want peace in our communities, then you empower those organizations that are doing piecework and employing ex gang members to go in there and mediate differences. And I’d say.

[00:14:24] Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I live by two codes.

[00:14:28] I live by the Bible in the Constitution, and I believe that both of them are the foundation to a bigger, a beautiful, more beautiful, a better America. We can do away with our past once and for roll. That’s why it keeps coming up, because we’ve never done away with it officially. We can do away with our wretched Kirst pass and we can build a beautiful future. Invite all of you to do that with me.