Cancel culture once again rears its ugly head

Cancel Culture
Image credit to Pixabay. Image modified from original.

Goya Foods, the leading and largest Hispanic Food Company, has been selling food from the Caribbean, South America, Mexico, Spain, Central America, and many Latin countries as well. The company enjoys a huge reputation among the Hispanics and Latinos because of its fresh produce and authentic taste.

However, recently, Goya Foods was caught in a controversy as many people have decided to boycott all products from the company. If you are wondering about the reason, it was because of a simple and unintentional speech made by the CEO of Goya Foods, Robert Unanue, last July 10.

Unanue was invited to the White House by the President’s team, where he, along with Trump, signed the Hispanic Prosperity Initiative. Through this initiative, Unanue and Trump promised to improve the education and economic opportunities of the Hispanic Americans. Well, things were good till then. It was the speech that Unanue made as a token of gratitude, that led to the uproar.

In his speech, Unanue said he was grateful and thankful for Trump’s leadership. He termed it as a “blessing” to have a leader like Trump and be present at the world’s most powerful and prosperous country. Unanue also compared Trump to his own grandfather. He said that Trump was a builder, just like his grandfather, who came to America to build, grow and prosper.

As soon as clips of Unanue’s speech became viral, the politicians and the general public went crazy with anger. Most of them were of Latino or Hispanic origin. They were unhappy with Unanue for speaking highly of Trump, especially at a time when Trump had not been very kind to Hispanic or Latino immigrants.

Social media went berserk with backlash for the products of Goya Foods. Some, including prominent public figures, went on to promise that they would boycott Goya Foods forever as they shared recipes of alternate products. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that all this criticism and hatred only reminded people of the cancel culture that was at its peak in 2019 when the Me-Too Movement was in full force.

Cancel culture is a process where a person openly withdraws his support for another person or company, for telling something controversial or for doing something that is not as per his liking. This culture was a little subtle for the last few months; however, with Unanue’s open admiration for the US President, this culture has begun to show its ugly face once again.

That brings us to the main question – Was Robert Unanue wrong in appreciating Trump? Unanue chose to remain quiet for a while, after all the social media backlash he received for his speech. However, he opened up recently and said that he wasn’t going to apologize for what he said.

He also said that he went there for a bigger purpose – uplifting the economic and educational opportunities for fellow Hispanic Americans. Hence, he stated that he made a positive statement about the President, which was understood incorrectly by many. In 2011, Unanue also met the then US President, Barack Obama. Obama had recognized Unanue’s contribution to the development of Latinos back then.

Quoting that incident, Robert Unanue gave a fitting reply to all his haters and followers of cancel culture. He asked all those who opposed him for his speech as to why they didn’t oppose him earlier when he appreciated Barack Obama. He also said that by boycotting the products of Goya Foods, people were restricting his freedom of speech.

The cancel culture is brewing quite strongly in favor of Robert Unanue as several loyal customers of Goya Foods are in shock over his open admiration for Trump. It must be noted that Trump’s anti-immigration laws have left many Latinos insecure and worried. Hence, they couldn’t accept the fact that their favorite company’s CEO had spoken highly of a man who was criticized across the globe for mistreating them.

The entire Latino community is now standing against Goya Foods, with some of them openly denouncing all products of the company.  Official social media accounts of several Latino communities have urged their fellow members to boycott Goya Foods. They are also actively involved in spreading this message to their other friends who are not on social media, so that Goya Foods gets boycotted by more and more people.