Cancel Culture Claims Yet Another Victim…

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Toxic liberal politics have so far alienated millions of fans, and it’s getting even worse.

Word went out last Sunday that the Cleveland Indians would be replacing their “offensive” nickname they have been known for over a century. 

The team confirmed a New York Times’ report that they would drop the name, joining the Washington Redskins who have surrendered to the angry Twitter mob.  

CBS Sports reported that the major league baseball team decided to change its moniker, dropping the former, which was considered insensitive to indigenous people for more than 100 years. CBS Sports host Jim Bowden confirmed the Cleveland team’s plans. The Times said that the team would announce their decision soon.

It remains unclear, though, how the team would refer to itself in the upcoming season. Cleveland’s decision comes after two years of distancing itself from the “Chief Wahoo” logo.

When the Washington Football Team declared to alter identity, Cleveland also announced to investigate the “best path forward.”

Apparently, “Indians” was a tribute to the first Native-American player in professional baseball history.

Louis Sockalexis played for the Cleveland Spiders from 1897-1899 and a member of the Penobscot Tribe. He then faced several racial problems similar to African-American pioneers such as Jackie Robinson.

Sockalexis was mocked, slurred, and taunted by the opposing fans with derogatory gestures due to his Indian roots. He likewise had alcoholism problems that adversely obstructed his short career. 

Apparently, when the Cleveland Naps altered the name to the Indians in 1915, the franchise claimed the gesture was to honor Sockalexis. A young girl reportedly suggested the name and specifically mentioned the legendary player and his heritage. The new attribution was then slammed and generally discredited given the discriminatory treatment of the Native Americans and Sockalexis in that era. 

The news broke to announce the name selection in 1915 didn’t mention Sockalexis, yet made several racist and insulting references to the native tribe. 

Plain Dealer’s story on February 28, 1915, stated that the Cleveland Indians wore a depiction of an Indian head on their uniform’s left sleeves “keep the Indians reminded of what the Braves did last year.”

The great player died two years earlier. However, after the news went public, President Trump took to Twitter to blast the name change.