Can the left lead a country they hate?

Why do certain kinds of people, in certain kinds of jobs hate President Trump so much? They think about him when they wake up in the morning. They would hurt him if they could. Why the fixation? It has nothing to do with why normal people might hate Trump; the bragging, the tweeting, etc.

But none of that would justify hatred or obsession. Other politicians do similar things, Teddy Kennedy even killed a woman and he’s still a hero to the Democratic party. The reason the ruling class despises Donald Trump is that they can’t control him. Trump refuses to obey.

At any moment Trump may come out with something that you’re not allowed to say. “Borders make countries” (for example), “China is our enemy”, “Whoopi Goldberg isn’t that funny”. All of it undeniably true and that’s the point and the problem. Trump’s words hang in the air for all to see and hang there like a threat to all the people whose livelihoods depend on lying and deception.

Trump is most dangerous to his enemies when he tells the truth.

Watch as Tucker Carlson discusses the hats of the Democratic party and how they can’t possibly lead us to a better future. Hate is never the answer, it never has been. How have the democrats found themselves in a position where they have to defend their hate and convince others to hate as well, in order to win the upcoming election on November 3rd?