Calls Grow to Fire Ilan Omar Over her Tweet…

Calls Grow to Fire Ilan Omar Over her Tweet...
Image from video below...

Fox News
– Rep. Lee Zeldin calls out the ‘double standard’ from Democrats who haven’t held Rep. Ilhan Omar accountable for her ‘anti-Semitic’ comments.

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Nothing will happen to the incest practicing demora bitch.


She should be removed from her committee for what she has said. ( she should be removed from congress and jailed ) They removed Marjorie Taylor Greene for saying a lot less.


As long as the democrat are in charge, everyone associated with them is above the law.

Gerald S Ladd

She’s safe. She’s a niggeRAT, and a sandnigger!

Nancy J

An enemy of Israel has always been an enemy of the United States. I don’t think that for most of us that has changed. She shouldn’t be holding ANY office of our Congress, or even state offices. She is from her statements our enemy. I haven’t heard even ONE thing come out of her mouth that was good about MY and OUR United States of America. Have you???