California’s Brainwashing Curriculum, The 1619 Project May Become Mandatory

California's Brainwashing Cirriculum, The 1619 Project May Become Mandatory
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The truth is that radical brainwashing will start soon, and California will lead all the way to it.

Radical Indoctrination

The new California-passed bill would establish a K-12 curriculum mandating class in the four I’s of oppression – Ideological, Institutional, Interpersonal, and Internalized.

According to the WSJ editorial, the bill recently approved by the Senate needs to be signed by Governor Gavin Newsome.

Last year, AB 331, an ethnic-studies bill, was passed by California’s assembly and passed by a vote of 53-8.

The bill was so extreme and ethnocentric that many State Senate’s democrats balked about its implementation. Among many other things, this curriculum denoted that in Ethnic studies, scholars often find the system of capitalism critical as research showed that the native people and people of color have always faced exploitation within the system.

The model curriculum published on the department’s website says that the course should build new possibilities for post-imperial life that promotes a collective narrative of transformative resistance. The approved topics are Racism, LGBTQ rights, Immigration right, access to the high quality of health care services, Income equality, etc.

Now, you might be wondering to know about the fifth “I” of indoctrination, right? Well, one course outline says that students will have to write a paper detailing certain events in American history that lead Jewish and Irish Americans to gain the racial advantage.

Such is a bad idea as it’s like force-feeding teenagers of the anti-liberal theories that have existing campus critical studies departments for a long time. The worst thing is that enforced identity politics and “intersectionality” are strong on their way to destroy civic nationalism as America’s creed.

The 1619 Project

The 1619 project is an ongoing project developed by The New York Times Magazines in 2019. Its main objective is to reframe the nation’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the Black Americans’ contribution to the center of the national narrative.

The project is in time for the 400th anniversary of the arrival of first enslaved Africans in the Virginia colony in 1619 – the year suggested to be the nation’s birth year.

Nikole Hannah-Jones is the director of this interactive project. Other reporters and writers of The New York Times magazine also contribute their essays on the history of the different aspects of contemporary American life and culture. Hannah-Jones and other authors believe that American life and culture have deep roots in slavery and its aftermath. The project also includes poems, short fiction, and photo essays.

Conservatives and rational-minded liberals are already alarmed that high schools will teach Project 1619, The New York Times’s revisionist account of America’s race and foundation, in their regular history classes. The most problematic is that the union’s largest state is about to implement this particular mandate of ethnic studies for all the students. A specially designed curriculum will only make the extremist and radical Project 1619 look moderate and balanced.

The writers do not even understand or have ideas about capitalism, free markets, or the destruction of countries like Venezuela.

Indoctrination Ideas

Capitalism is bad.

The Irish and Jewish got racial advantages.

We need slave reparation.

We need to teach the collective narrative of transformative resistance, though we still do not know it.

Income inequality is not a detrimental feature. History has already shown what happens when the state takes over the farms and mandate everyone to get the same wages and rewards regardless of accomplished work.