California Passes ‘Guaranteed Income Plan’…

California Passes 'Guaranteed Income Plan'...
Image from video below...

Fox News
– Dr. Nicole Saphier, Joe Concha, Leo Tyrell and Carley Shimkus join ‘The Big Sunday Show’ to discuss The Golden State’s decision despite nationwide worker shortages.

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He is buying people’s votes. NOTHING IS FREE someone has to pay for it.

If you want a better example of buying votes you’ll never find one.

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Oooooh, now the street dwellers have more cash for drugs and alcohol. You can’t find an abode to rent for $500 anywhere in California. LOL but, maybe a vote will be paid for!

David Burnett

Just trying to buy support, what a looser.


Vote buying and far more harm than good especially for those who work and pay taxes.


It’s not his money, he’s a demorat crook like his aunt and family!