California Gov. Newsom describes California as a terrible place to live

California Gov. Newsom describes California as a terrible place to live
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California Gov. Newsom describes California as a terrible place to live.

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Governor only cares to say this when corporate profits are being hurt, but is yet to get anything done when Californians have to deal with crime, high taxes, and homelessness.

He’s just showboating that he acknowledges it and is unhappy, but nothing will change. He’s merely protecting himself.


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And WHO in the *ell made it that Way BOZO ! U and Ur Dementia Brain and Ur Blind Eye s tells Everything. They should IMPEACHED and IMPRISONED U instead of RECALLING U. Now U can live the *ell U made so SUFFER.

Kent Sinclair

And whose fault would that be? Oh yeah, that would be yours, Gavin Newsom, you dumb son of a bitch.

Tom Zaffaroni



Who made it that way? A 4th grader can tell you the answer if you can’t figure it out.


Well, its California’s own fault for voting for him first off, and for being so passive when it comes to illegal immigration for second. These “undocumented” individuals are responsible for the hospitals being full of people who have no insurance, no job to pay for their services, and no addresses to connect them to a bill collector. The number of gang members has more than doubled in just the last 2 years, and thats just the ones we know of. They vote to defund the police which allows the gangs to run rampant and unchecked which increases drug distribution as well as crimes against the people like prostitution and human trafficking. But yet they continue to vote for someone that they think will give them something for nothing, or simply because they hated Trump. Not for anything he had done as a President, but because of a television show! Plain and simple, most hate him out of pure jealousy and nothing more!
So, continue to vote and support the party that is causing the very problems you are complaining about, and soon you will be living in one of the absolute worst states in the country (along with a couple others who can’t seem to see the facts).
All these “undocumented” need to survive and welfare or social programs can not continue to feed money into them. The money has to come from somewhere and by the government printing more to attempt to cover this up, it is doing nothing but cutting the throat of the entire nation, from welfare programs to military funding, transportation, you name it, they all get cut.


Isn’t it amazing how all of the old “yah sayers” are suddenly becoming “nay sayers”? We’ll be getting a lot more of it the closer we get to the election this year.