California Bureaucrats Think Trump Signs Are Safety Hazards?

California Bureaucrats Think Trump Signs Are Safety Hazards?
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“TRUMP” sign installed overnight at the Sepulveda Pass hills was immediately taken down by authorities after reports of “safety hazard.”

California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) officials knocked down giant white letters spelled “TRUMP” at a private property on the hillside of Sepulveda Pass on Tuesday.

The officials cited the signage as a “life and safety issue” that could distract the motorists.

“This was a life and safety issue due to concerns on distracted driving,” Lauren Wonder, Chief Public Information Officer for Caltrans, stated.

The sign stood just outside of largely Democratic-led Los Angeles beside highway 405.

An initial report was recorded before 7 AM from a concerned citizen saying “it could spark a blaze,” citing multiple “destructive bush fires” in previous years.

The California Highway Patrol labeled it a “traffic hazard” despite its relative distance from the highway. Officials said motorists decelerate to capture photos of the TRUMP sign during their commutes.

Two hours later, Caltrans took it down to avoid a “visual distraction.” Although the sign was not fully removed, it no longer stands on the hillside.

However, the commuters on both political leanings were quick to post it on social media.

It still wasn’t clear if the property owner installed it on the hillside and was notified by authorities on the sign’s removal. The officials have yet to comment on the issue.

Officials with the California Highway Patrol did not immediately have further information about the sign.