Breaking: The Exposure Of Biden’s Serial Lying Problem

Joe Biden just had to say it.

Of course the Americans deserve a President who always tells the truth. If you read Biden’s tweet, you’d have understood that he meant to shine light on how honest he is.

And if you know Biden from his past actions and words, you’d be wiping tears off your eyes from laughing hysterically. Biden is not as honest as his tweets claim him to be.

In fact, he’s had a long history of lying. And, it seems he still hasn’t changed.

You might wonder how many more people have to suffer because of Biden’s lies. Well, no one can answer that but the man himself. We can however provide some instances when Biden chose to lie.

1. Biden The Plagiarist

Biden was forced to drop out of the 1988 race after some allegations of plagiarism were made. After being in constant scrutiny, he admitted that he did have a history of using other people’s work.

Biden, who was then a US senator, said as he announced the end of his presidency, “I made some mistakes. But now, the exaggerated shadow of those mistakes has begun to obscure the essence of my candidacy and the essence of Joe Biden.”

The real problem was that other people exaggerated his lying and that he used the work of others. He didn’t make things up on a whim, but the fact is: Joe Biden dropped out of the presidential race because he was a liar. 

2. Joe And His Fracking Ban

Biden held nothing back during the primary debates and policy proposals.  In order to reduce carbon emissions and to save Mother Earth, Biden proposed a fracking ban to end new fracking permits and to prohibit fracking on federal land.

He was asked if he was willing to sacrifice thousands of jobs in the oil and gas industry for his green policies. To the question, he answered, yes. Here’s a video of Biden and his promises in the primary.

Pennsylvania is a state that Biden must win, which is why he went there himself to try to win the voters. There are two possible scenarios here, and both involve Joe lying. What more can we say about that?

3. Biden’s Voting Record

The 1994 crime bill is one that Joe runs away from to this day. But did you know that he was a sponsor of the said bill?

Probably, since it was his biggest legislative accomplishment. The Obama administration never tried to fix the issue, despite the disparities it caused with sentencing.

This video shows how Biden has run away from issues regarding racial oppression and economic disadvantage. There’s so much more than that, that it’s no longer funny. Though, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Just last week, during an interview with CNN, Biden ran away from his vote on NAFTA. Here’s the clip of his denial:

Now let’s go back to 2007, when Joe was still defending his vote on NAFTA.

Who’s The Real Joe Biden?

After such a list, anyone would be confused. How can he imply that he would be a president who tells the truth, when he’s done mostly nothing but lie during his tenure?

The list of Biden’s lies is nowhere near this short. In fact, there’s so much more he’s lied about, that a single Google search will result in article upon article concerning Biden and his lies.

He failed to become the president once before for lying, and it should prevent him from winning the presidential race yet again.

The plain and simple truth is that Joe lied about his life, even when there was simply no need to. Now who’s to say what he’ll lie about next?