Breaking: Kamala Harris Could Soon Be Cut-Off…

Breaking: Kamala Harris Could Soon Be Cut-Off...
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The Next News Network – Populist Press reports, Pressure is still mounting on Kamala Harris to visit the southern border in her capacity addressing the migration crisis as a Republican representative introduces a bill Thursday that will restrict the vice president’s travel until she goes to the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Let’s be honest…. even if she did show up on the border she still would be completely useless.

She will never act on her actual duties. She is not for us American , nor is she pro Constitution. Remove these people from office like yesterday. Traitors to the USA in my eyes

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This woman is totally useless, and a total embarrassment, like hidenbiden,neither are fit for the office,remove both these incompetent, uselss idiots.

John J

Harry ass is a useless idiot


Just who thinks they can restrict her travel or control anything else she does or doesn’t do? She controls Joe by the puppet strings!


Biggest loser ever! She is a traitor. Her and Joe should be sent out to sea in a leaky vessel. Bye!Bye!


She is so stupid, she does mot know she has brown eyes because she is full of shit.
Its the first slut we have had in office ever and hope she is the last.
The should call for an open season on De-mon-rats.
Neither one of them have the brains to know the difference between anything, other than being completely stupid.
The election was crooked, look at the supporters for Trump, 100,000’s all over America and overseas rallied and the Dem-(Com)munists had trouble just to get 50. I can not believe that shit for brains Won, BS.