Breaking: Judge Offers Huge Victory to Trump…

Breaking: Judge Offers Huge Victory to Trump...
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The Next News Network – Haley Victory Smith from Washington Examiner reports, A federal judge rejected lawsuit claims against federal officials related to the clearing of protesters from Lafayette Square near the White House last summer.

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It’s hard to stop the TRUMP train unless you derail it by election fraud.

Trump is a friend of All-America he doesn’t care what color you are it’s the content of your character that counts

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Stacy Dougherty

TRUMP not only was for all the people of America he could reach and protect within his short 4 yrs in which he did the most for all of US Americas than any other president in 8yrs. Plus, Trump never trampled on our Constitutional rights NO matter how tempting it was and regardless of what others where telling him to do!! I think if Trump was allowed to follow his gut instincts Asshole Paul Ryan would have been booted out along with Sessions!

Lyin biden

Yup you are correct.

The Republicans need to impeach biden,Obama, pelosi Adam schiff AIC, Omar, nadler, harris, and schummer. Then fire every single fbi emoyee, fir not lay off, for using their organization for pitiful attacks. Then they need to cut all government agencies by 40% and then go through the irs hunting down the democrats and firing them

Lyin biden

Biden keeps loosing in court and having the courts force him to stop racist policies biden puts in place while trump keep winning in court.

It kind of proves biden is a criminal and a racist while trump is a winner.

More proof orange man good

Liberals evil

Democrats racist criminals


I just hope and pray that Trump gets back in as our President after they find the Voter Fraud of the 2020 Elections, by August 2021