Bill Clinton Seen With 2 Young Girls


Jeffrey Epstein, the socialite and financier who was convicted for sexually exploiting a number of minors, remains on the news after his mysterious suicide. Recently, a new piece of evidence has come to light. Transcripts from depositions related to his case mention that Bill Clinton himself visited Jeffrey’s islands.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions regarding his life, crimes, and death. This new testimony, which was revealed on July 30, 2020, could provide new clues regarding him and his associates.

More about the life of Epstein

A mathematics teacher turned into a successful financier, the infamous Jeffrey Epstein managed the wealth of many of his powerful clients. However, on July 8, 2019, he was charged with sex trafficking of a minor and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking. 

That’s not the beginning of it all, though. In the year 2008, Epstein pleaded guilty to a felony charge. The charge was of solicitation of prostitution that involved a minor as well. All of these started as early as 2002. He was given an 18-month prison sentence in Palm Beach County jail. Out of these, he served in jail for only a period of 13 months.


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In addition to this, he also paid his existing victims to recruit more minor girls. In turn, he was creating a complex web of deceit and abuse. He had ties with many high-profile individuals, including the likes of Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth’s son Prince Andrew. 

He died on the 10th of August, 2019, while he was still in prison. His death was ruled to be a suicide by the New York City medical examiner.

Bill Clinton’s name appears in the Epstein files.

The recent documents released by a Manhattan judge last week involve a conversation between Virginia Giuffre, an accuser, and her lawyer. It entails a discussion regarding the powerful people she saw on Epstein’s Caribbean island. Bill Clinton, the former President of the USA, was one of them.

The document dates back to almost ten years ago. Lawyers of Ghislaine Maxwell, an associate of Epstein, put forward an emergency motion to curb its release. This was because they stated that it would inappropriately influence potential witnesses or alleged victims.

The accuser, Ms. Giuffre, in these documents clearly states that the former President, along with Maxwell and two young girls, was indeed seen with Jeffrey Epstein on his island.

Ms. Giuffre also mentions that sex orgies were an everyday sight there.

Moreover, she also revealed that she had met the accused whilst working at Mr. Trump’s Floridan resort. She was approached by Ms. Maxwell about an opportunity with Epstein. This was to earn extra cash through massages.

Is there any credibility of this testimony?

Talking about the truth and credibility of the insight revealed by Giuffre’s statement, Angel Ureña, a spokeswoman for Mr. Clinton, opened up on the matter. She told the New York Post a while ago that these documents held only lies.

Also, a press release issued by the former President’s office states that he had traveled aboard Epstein’s private plane and briefly visited Epstein’s NYC apartment – but was always among the company of staff and Secret Service agents. 

The statement was released back when the allegations first cropped up — which mention that Clinton had no knowledge about the terrible crimes attributed to Epstein’s name. No new statements have been released about this as of now.

The documents don’t only create complications for Bill Clinton, but also for Ms. Maxwell. The documents reveal that she maintained contact with Epstein longer than was previously known.

She had claimed not to have had any communication with him for over ten years. The files show that Epstein had emailed her around January 2015.

Nothing conclusive can be said at the moment about the level of truth in these documents. The whole incident is being investigated in depth.

Summing it up

This new pile of information certainly brings something new to the table. However, whether these files add another layer to the already complex case of Jeffrey Epstein, we can’t know for sure. Only time and further investigation can lead to more clarity. Experts are debating on the topic, looking for clues that will help them connect the dots and reveal the truth on the matter.