Brainwashing? NBC Leaves Out Key Facts About the Fatal Police Shooting


We all know how the mainstream media has become increasingly selective of the news they air. However, this time, NBC is under scrutiny for intentionally leaving out key facts about the fatal police shooting.

Last week, Columbus police officer Nicholas Reardon responded to a 911 call. The officer’s bodycam shows a teenage girl rushing another female with a knife as soon as the officer arrived on the scene. While yelling at the people to “get down,” the police officer fired shots at the teenage girl, who was later identified as Ma’Khia Bryant.

“These young girls are trying to fight us, trying to stab us, trying to get their hands on our grandma. Get over here now,” the voice over the 911 recording frantically says. “We need a police officer here now.”

But despite how serious the situation was, NBC News decided it was a good idea to cut the 911 call recording and to edit the knife from the hand of the attacker.

Fox News reporters spoke about how many corporate media are focused on “fomenting racial rage” instead of “actually depicting the true story about these different events.” Although these events are “certainly concerning,” they are not actual “depictions of race-based violence on the part of the cops.”

Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway said in response, “So much of the privilege that media figures have had has been built on this idea that they take and synthesize information, provide context, and help provide a shared set of facts for the American people.”

“That’s not what they’re doing anymore. They have moved into straight-up propaganda,” she continued. “In this case, it does seem that they are desiring to foment racial division because that aligns with the political goals of their favored party on the left. But they do it in so many ways.”

“I think people need to stop being surprised when they see it happening because it happens with everything… It’s just what they do, as a matter of course,” she added. “This week, we’ve seen that they will even do it when it’s something as fraught as racial division.”

When asked about what could be done to make the media behave “more responsibly” and stop “trying to push this toxic racist approach to every frame of every story,” Fox News contributor Joe Concha said that NBC should have put out an apology for what they did. They covered up the “real context” by “not issuing that full 911 call” and “edited out the knife in the hand of the attacker in the original report.” 

“We should have seen retractions,” he said. “We saw nothing.”

“This is a very serious situation that we have here in terms of police and race. Tensions are high. NBC had to get it right,” he continued. “They didn’t get it wrong because they made a mistake. They got it wrong because they were trying to push a narrative—a dangerous one that could end up getting people killed.”

Instead of holding NBC News accountable for intentionally misleading their viewers, other leftist outlets decided to act “like it’s normal for two teenagers to try to kill each other.”

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It is 1937, the Hitler/ Biden rhetoric is off to a new level. Hitlers/Biden’s brown shirts are free to beat, harass, target men, women children. The nazi gestapo are burning, destroying, purging jobs with other opinions, open attacks are approved by dems, Biden, Harris, waters, AOC, others….. extermination is coming.
Welcome to Biden concentration camp camp
Sig Hiel


The left media continue to incite this kind of violence by omitting the facts. I quit watching their lies a long time ago.

Stacy Dougherty

The whole left radical democrats and the fake news have lost all creditability and trust from Real Americans. Their patterns of destruction taken from the Alinsky rule book is exposed and known by most of the world. They are but naked and nobody cares for what they have to say to try to control the whole world in their globalism agenda. Just insaneness and we need to have a real serious discussion about the radical democrat’s mental health starting with the Joe Biden!