BLM Violently Attacks, Trump Rally Holds Its Ground

BLM Violently Attacks, Trump Rally Holds Its Ground
Image Screenshot From Global News YouTube Video Below.

Very recently, Beverly Hills headlined several news media platforms as the fight between Pro-Trump, and Black Lives Matter took place last Saturday.

Fistfight reportedly broke out between Trump supporters and Black Lives Matter protesters at the Beverly Gardens Park in the central city. There were almost 200 Trump supporters and several dozens of BLM demonstrators. The confrontation may have been resulted by the earlier incidents, with one flashpoint being BLM murals at Hollywood and Highland miles from the Beverly Hills scene.

A social media post called on Trump supporters to create a MAGA mural just near established BLM street mural. A large number of Trump supporters responded to the social media call and gathered in Hollywood. The action sparked a counter call to “protect the sign.”

The Beverly Hills gathering is a very peaceful weekly protest at the location conducted by the Trump supporters. Police had to intervene and declare the unlawful meeting and clear the area after the fight broke out between the two groups. There were at least four fistfights.

One individual was reportedly sprayed with substance but has not been confirmed which group the person belongs to or the substance used. Lt. Gene Kim of the Beverly Hill Police Department said that one person was arrested.

In June, the City Of Beverly Hills made an emergency order that bans any gathering of more than ten people between 9 PM to 8 AM.

The order will remain intact until any further notice, and the main objective of issuing such order is ensuring peace and tranquility in the city’s residential area.

The order was issued after the June 12 incident where a radical group named “Occupy” staged a protest in an unspecified residential area for almost 4 hours (from 10AM to 1PM). The group used bullhorns and amplified music to disrupt the tranquility in the neighborhood. This particular June 12 protest followed random looting that had taken place in May 30 in the city. The looting also included the Rodeo Drive Shopping district and a local emergency was issued at that point in time.

The anti-police and establishment violence have reached to Denver also.

On Saturday night, the Mile High City was the place of another violence conducted by the BLM anarchists in the name of peaceful protests. The anarchists ran amok in the city, set fire, smashed windows, and threw projectiles on Police force and also used industrial grade firearms on the police force appointed there. The mob created a total mess in the city, leaving the local residents in a complete terrified condition.

As darkness fell, the mob which was demanding to police be defunded started the entire vandalization in the city. The mob has been carrying the same agenda of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and far-left radicalized Democratic party who always oppose to the freedom of individual and determined to remake America in their own way which is really sick. Now the residential people in most of the American cities have become frustrated with the BLM and Antifa rioters and the incidents of Eugene and Springfield are the perfect example of that.

The BLM protesters are now more frequently met with the opposition beyond police authorities – the police supporting counter-protesters who call themselves patriots whose main objective is to keep their neighborhood safe from BLM and Antifa anarchists.

Most of the residences in different cities see the Black Lives Matter movement as mostly dangerous and damaging to America’s great nation.