BLM says $60M in Chicago property damage and looting are ‘reparations’

Members of the Black Lives Matter community held a rally in Chicago on Monday. The rally was all about supporting arrested people on the widespread riots and looting in the country.

More than a hundred Blacks were arrested after damaging nearly $60 million worth of properties. Also, more than 13 police officers have been injured during these protests. Reports reveal that the situation had to be brought under control, and this triggered the police department to arrest several members in the BLM movement.

The event was organized by the Black Lives Matter community in Chicago, where a riot took place in a police station located towards the Southern Loops. The organizers are currently held in custody.

One of the organizers justified that the rioting and looting are “reparations.” Ariel Atkins, a key member in Chicago BLM Movement, told NBC that looting is warranted as long as the person eats. She added that she doesn’t mind someone looting a property so they could have clothes.

Atkins clearly stated that the deeds are considered reparation. She vigorously affirms that anything can be taken from the business shops mainly because these businesses are insured, and the looting wouldn’t have cost them a dime.

The unrest and the statement of Atkins created an uproar in social media. Social media channels went wild with successive tweets and comments on the incident. Several footages on the looting showing mass destruction and chaos went viral.

Their behavior was sparked by an incident on Sunday when a police officer shot a black male in the Southern Side of Chicago’s Business District. The shooting happened around 2:30 PM on Sunday.

What Happened On Sunday?

On Sunday morning, the police department received information about a man carrying a gun in the Englewood Neighborhood. The officers responded to the call and rushed to the venue immediately.

The man shot at the police officer during the chase, but the police officer returned fire and injured him. He was rushed to a nearby hospital in a matter of a few minutes. The incident was reported by Deputy Chief Delonda Tally to Fox 32 Chicago News Network.

The man was identified to be Latrell Allen, 20-years old, and survived with minor injuries. Allen was charged for attempted murder on Monday because he fired towards the police officials.

A viral video on Facebook claimed that the boy was shot by the police officers and killed him. The video stated that the Chicago Police shot a 15-year-old boy.

The misinformation from the viral video triggered a massive number of Blacks to descent into the city. Downtown Chicago witnessed destruction by hundreds of people beginning Monday.

The business shops’ windows were smashed, goods were pulled off the shelves and destroyed, cash machines were broken, and the money was taken away. Almost anything that the looters could carry was taken away.

More about the Protest

Meanwhile, Police Superintendent David Brown stated, “This was not an organized protest.” He continued the protests are acts of criminality, and display of violence, against both the city and the police department.

The Black Lives Community criticized the police department and their report on the shooting. They said that the police officers involved in the shooting didn’t have body cameras this time, which the investigators confirmed.

An open statement

BLM Chicago made a statement to the Chicago Sun-Times focusing on how the Mayor has not acknowledged and taken any steps since May. They request the leader to take action before the whole community is invested, and the department is abolished.