BLM Protesters Block Elderly Couple

BLM Protesters Block Elderly Couple
Image credit to Wiki Media. Image modified from original.

The “Black Lives Matter” protest that rose like a wave in the United States seems to have taken a violent turn. Some of the BLM protesters blocking an elderly couple on the Key bridge is overt proof of it.

What happened in the Key Bridge to Washington DC last weekend?

Over the last weekend of July, a group of BLM protesters blocked the Key Bridge into Washington DC. All the vehicles intending to cross the bridge were asked to take another in the name of activism.

An elderly American couple, unlike the others, refused to give in to this whimsical demand. They wouldn’t turn around and were harassed for it. The young protesters kept standing in front of their car, blocking their way for over an hour.

One of the protestors took to Twitter

One of the BLM protesters who were involved in harassing the old couple apparently believed they had achieved something. To brag about it on social media, Seun (@seutheactivist)  uploaded a video of the incident and tweeted about it.

Seun wrote that they were “keeping company” to the old white couple who refused to turn around like everyone else. Seun added to his first tweet later, saying that he wanted everyone to know that theirs was the only car who wouldn’t turn.

The couple didn’t budge until an officer asked them to. Seun pointed out how this was a minor inconvenience in comparison to what the black folks face daily. In an attempt to justify their actions, he asked them to stop crying and take a detour.

Reactions to the tweet

Seun’s tweet elicited a lot of reactions on Twitter. While some wrote in support of the BLM protesters, many were amazed, even disgusted at their ridiculous bragging.

One of the users made a sarcastic comment, calling their harassment stunning and brave, and on its way to solving Racism. Another called the whole stunt a temper tantrum pulled by children with no real responsibilities.

Others went as far as to call the people on the video Autistic, and saying it was about time a driver pancaked the nutjobs. People were questioning how are white people stopping while people from passing by could help the cause of BLM?

Other violent incidents associated with the BLM protestors

While the harassment on the Key Bridge last weekend might seem thoughtless and cruel, others are worse.

Aurora, Colorado

Another incident took place in Aurora, Colorado, over the weekend. A jeep was driving in the freeway on the I-225 when a BLM protester opened fire on the vehicle. Two people in the jeep were wounded by gunshots and taken to a local hospital.

In an interview with the police officers, the jeep driver described how the BLM protesters surrounded his vehicle as he entered the I-225. Within minutes, they started yelling and striking at the jeep.

The driver also mentioned that a white pickup truck blocked his jeep from the front. Scared and trying to escape, he drove towards them in a panic.

The officers posted the picture of the culprit on Twitter, offering anonymity and a reward of up to $2,000 for information about him.

Austin, Texas

Another incident took place in Austin, Texas, where a BLM protester pointing a gun at a vehicle, was shot in by a person inside the vehicle. The protester, named Garrett Foster, died of the gunshot.

The police captured and detained the suspect. The video of the entire incident was uploaded on Facebook. It is evident in the video that the suspect might have felt threatened by the gun-holding protester before shooting back.

Before his death, Foster was asked why he carried a gun. To this, he replied that he was practicing some of his rights since they couldn’t march on the street anymore. Foster also stated that he didn’t think he’d ever use the gun.

The country is already struggling to fix the economic damage done by the pandemic crisis while dreading the upcoming elections. Amidst it all, the social unrest created by the BLM protesters might lead to a disaster.

Whether or not the BLM protesters take lessons from these backfired incidents and behave more reasonably in the future remains to be seen.