BLM Organizer Charged On Six Counts Of Child Sex Abuse

Screenshot from Twitter post below

Have you ever wondered what type of person a Black Lives Matter Organizer would be? 

Would that person brim of esteem and finesse due to the moral high ground they had placed themselves upon? 

Would that person demonstrate social awareness and concern for greater good through that person’s lifestyle and accomplishments? 

In the crevices of our mind, have we asked ourselves the question, “maybe I’m wrong?” Unfortunately, the reality is ugly as it can get.

Allow me to introduce: Christopher DeVries, an organizer of a Defund the Police/Black Lives Matter protest, known for his “Skate Away the Hate” movement, had been arrested on 6 counts of possession of child sex abuse images.

Before we get to the nitty-gritty, take a moment to bask in the thought of the Democratic sexual predators (Presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden) and child molesters (Christopher DeVries). Isn’t it enraging and disgusting? How tainted the Democratic male demographic is— that all they will ever be known for? Sexual assaults, pedophilia, and molestation? 

Christopher DeVries lived in New Hampshire and served on the Municipal Budget Committee for Conway in the Granite State. And child abuse isn’t the only charge he received; he also falsified physical evidence after throwing his mobile phone from his porch when authorities were out to get him. 

He’s probably just a generic pervert that got caught, right? All good? Not so, he’s also an addict who will be charged with a Class B felony after the authorities found psilocybin mushrooms in his possession as icing on top of the cake. 

The confiscated phone revealed a collection of locally acquired pictures and footage of underaged girls lewdly displaying their private areas and engaging in sexual activity. 

What is the “Skate Away the Hate” protest? 

Skate Away Hate occurred on the 21st of June, as protestors rode skateboards and bikes in Route 16, New Hampshire. 

During the protest led by a Black Lives Matter organizer in the day, and child molester at night, Christopher DeVries commanded his fellow “woke” Democrats, demanding the requests of a Black Lives Matter local chapter through him. And after the protests, he told local news:

“I feel like this is one of the best things I can do as a father on Father’s Day… I want to live in a world where racism is not accepted or tolerated, and I don’t want to live in a community or know there are communities in this country where people are afraid of their local police.”

“As a father on Father’s Day,” reading this quote after discovering this man’s true identity is truly disheartening. It’s mind-boggling how he can on top of a vehicle and proudly representing his fatherhood while engaging in child-abuse is entirely absurd. That’s a new low, even for his fellow Democrats. 

After the arrest, Chris Perley, the Jackson Police Chief, broke his silence regarding the sensitive subject: “generally speaking, people should be very cautious about listening to voices suggesting defunding of the police because their motives are not always in the best interest of society.”

A local news site that’s also covering the scoop stated: “Gee, why does he want the police defunded? Particularly the cybercrimes forces. When the police go away, no one will find the pedophiles until its too late.”

Christopher DeVries is purebred maniacal pervert, masquerading as a “social justice” advocate to rid himself of consequences for his cyber-crimes. Is this a new trend? Where criminals roleplay as “social justice” warriors to serve their hidden criminal agendas? 

Why would the pedophiles, and other evil-doers not want to abolish the police systems in place? It’s the perfect time for criminals to capitalize on their agendas; this is one of the most alarming reasons we should NOT support the Democratic’ initiative in defunding the police. 

A reporter also claimed:

“Of course the pedophile wants to defund the police department….. Also, why are white people from a small mountain community speaking on behalf of “the local black lives matter chapter.”

Each count of possession of child sexual abuse images, which is a Class A felony, is punishable by up to 15 years in state prison and a $4,000 fine. DeVries faces an up to 90-year stint in state prison if found guilty on those charges alone.

A Father of two, DeVries arranged for the protest to take place on Father’s Day as it would be “one of the best things I can do as a Father on Father’s day.”