BLM Member Shot to Death, Apparently When ‘Protesters’ Surround Car

BLM Member Shot to Death, Apparently When ‘Protesters’ Surround Car
Image credit to konkarampelas. Image modified from original.

Stopping cars during protests isn’t likely to end well and usually results in a shootout. Such is a case in Austin, Texas.

Based on the video footage, the protesters are marching towards a car and appeared to surround it. The video captures the moment when the sounds of shooting are audible, although it is unclear what exactly happened. Several shots can be heard and then the mob scattered.

This is definitely not a good move by protesters as the man tried to make a right turn into the street while the mob appears to swarm him.

A BLM protester with a riffle can be seen approaching him. The person in the car opened fire and shoot the BLM protester to death. The driver is cooperating with the police, according to the press briefing.

Some people who were taking part in the protest witnessed the incident and said the car involved plowed into people and run over. Another claimed that the shooter “charged” into the protesters and shot them. Both of the claims are disproved by the video footage. This shows how the radical extremists put their best efforts to hype a narrative even in the death of their people.

According to Austin Police Chief Brian Manley, “Mr. Foster, who was holding an AK-47 type assault rifle, approached the driver side window as other people in the crowd started to strike the vehicle. Gunshots were fired from inside the vehicle at Mr. Foster. During the initial investigation of this incident, it appears that Mr. Foster may have pointed his weapon at the driver of this vehicle before being shot.”

Michael Capochiano, a witness told the Austin-American Statesman, the car sped through the protesters before it almost hit an orange barrier and came to a stop.

The driver himself said that they shot Foster and drove off, police said.

The driver called 911 and reported the entire incident to the police. He was taken into custody but later released.

The second round of fire was shot by a protester who witnessed it. The shooter fired at the car that drove away. That person was also taken into custody but later released.

In an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, Sheila Foster said Garret Foster was her son and he had been a regular in the protests with his fiancée.

“They’ve been participating in these protests almost every day for the past 50 days,” she said.

Sheila Foster said that she was told her son was pushing his fiancée, who has been using a wheelchair through an intersection when the suspect was driving “erratically” through the crowd. She said she was told that the driver shot her son three times.

Garret Foster, the BLM protester who was shot, has previously been interviewed with an AK-47 in hand, saying that he didn’t think that the people who hated them would do anything and that they were “too big P##ssies” to do anything about it.

There were some reports of others being injured but are false news.

The practice of stopping or surrounding cars has to stop. Some drivers have been terrified and have driven off, hitting people. It’s quite obvious that anyone can be terrified seeing a mob stopping their car or surrounding it. We have seen an incident where a protester has shot a driver in Colorado and in another video, where a driver was hitting people who were blocking the highway in the middle of the night.

A crowdfunding was set up to help Foster’s family. Within hours, it topped its initial mark of $50,000 and stopped accepting donations once it reached more than $100,000.