BLM Leader says “We Could Wipe Out White Folks, They’re Genetic Defects”

Image from deleted Twitter Post

“White people are recessive genetic defects, this is factual”, wrote an angry Yusra Khogali, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter’s Toronto chapter.

As reported by Toronto Sun, Khogali made this Facebook post in 2015. She labeled white-skinned people subhuman. Her post commented on white people’s need to protect themselves through the mechanism of supremacy. This, she said, is because they are incompetent of doing anything but reproduce.

The BLM leader has made headlines many times in the past. Besides, her inflammatory language and hateful messages have garnered many criticisms before.

What Khogali Wrote

James Lindsay, a scholar, released a screenshot of Khogali’s post on the subject. The remarks heavily censured white people as sub-human.

However, much of her post elaborated on her views on melanin and its importance in the body. She explained how melanin can convert light into knowledge. Therefore, the high amounts of melanin in black people’s bodies make them intellectually superior.

Besides, Khogali expressed that melanin can establish a link between cosmic energy and the body. This is at the root of all humanity. Hence, blackness lies at the foundation of the whole humankind. She wrote about the pigment’s importance in the efficient functioning of the body as well.

After this pseudo-scientific information, Khogali’s post explained how white people have enzyme inhibitors that subdue the creation of this pigment. She labeled white people as genetic defects due to the lack of the right quantities of melanin. In her rant against white supremacy came the claim that black people have dominant genes. The black group can wipe out the entire white race if they wish.

Khogali’s Controversial History of Provocative Rhetoric

Known for vocalizing her hatred for white supremacy, Khogali had earlier made similar vile social media posts. In a tweet made in 2016, she asked Allah for the courage to not cuss or kill the white men around her. This is one of the many depictions of her divisive ideology concerning the Black Lives Matter movement.

An outspoken social activist, performer, and intellectual, Khogali has never shied from voicing her rather offensive opinions in the public. Her words never come out as sugarcoated. However, her staunch convictions appear to be more hateful than in line with the BLM movement.

The BLM leader’s invasive and violent convictions even triggered the Huffington Post to condemn her speeches. The renowned media house released a piece asking for Khogali’s resignation back in 2017. The article criticized the leader’s repeated use of hateful language that incites people towards violence.

Furthermore, one of the many testaments of her unabashed anti-racism campaign was her comments on the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Khogali tagged Trudeau as a ‘white supremacist terrorist’. This came as a reaction to the PM’s decision to not change Canada’s policy for refugees even as Donald Trump ordered a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants.

A Pattern of Vilification

Just like this old Facebook post, Khogali has constantly vilified the white race. Her convictions are focused on strengthening prejudice against the white folks. As a result of her constant derisive comments, she has poised herself as a staunch racist right beside the white allies.

Khogali brazen ideas against the white supremacists come out as reverse racism. Her hate speech is antithetical to the core ideas that make the BLM credo. Instead of striving to end the institutionalized racism, she has focused on aggravating it even more. This goes against the beliefs of the movement. Moreover, this promotes a pattern of violence between the two racial communities.

At the root of her staunch and violent advocacy lies the idea that the American system is inherently racist. Activists like Khogali take this as reason enough to engage in violent speeches. The existence of a racist structure becomes a license to make hateful remarks against an entire community. Ironically, this is the very belief that they are fighting against.

Yusra Khogali’s brand of activism is toxic, if not entirely absurd. Through her hateful social media posts and public speeches, she is perpetuating a system that she stands against.

The BLM credo is about cultivating equality and respect for the black community. On the contrary, Khogali’s political action incites people to muddy their bodies into the swarms that they are trying to clean.