BLM Crosses a Major Line with this Latest Stunt…

BLM Crosses a Major Line with this Latest Stunt...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit reports, Kansas City Black Lives Matter activists carried a casket with a pig in it dressed as a cop. The activists painted “The other white meat” on the side of the casket and “abolish the police.”

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Astonishing that they call themselves human.

How are people this stupid? Crime has already gone way up in areas that defunded the police.

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They have the right to say what they want just as I have the right to say what I want: Look at blm, the other POS.

KC Wright

But you do not have the right to say what you want. You can only say what you are now ‘allowed’ to say. Anything short of that wll be labeled racist or threatening or who knows whats next. If people had the right to say what they wanted they would not be losing their jobs for not voting Democrat etc. And the media would no be a Democratic weapon and controlling point.
Look again.. and you will find in world history the Democratic Party very! closely resembles Stalin’s. And Biden’s wishes for the country very closely resemble Stalin’s approach and self propagating actions. Read a little more world history and you will find much of Hitler and Stalin in Biden and the Dems.


BLM/Antifa obviously represent the agenda of the Democratic Party. Americans are going to have to choose sides. Proof of this is the destruction of property in Seattle and Washington State without the clueless citizens of these cities raising a finger. Even the mayors of these cities welcomed the mob and allowed them to claim their own territory within the city limits. We now also have George Floyd Square. Is this the future of a once flourishing Republic.? I guess so. I don’t hear anyone complaining. With all the Venezuelans coming north to breach our borders maybe we can exchange territory? .


The BLM wants to do away with the police so they can run rampant with all sorts of crime. Why else do they want to get rid of the police. They forget that pissed off citizens are not under the same rules that the police must follow.

frank lamonica sr

f–k the black lives matter ALL LIVES MATTER