BLM Blocks Hospital Entrances As They Chant ‘We Hope They Die’

BLM Blocks Hospital Entrances As They Chant 'We Hope They Die'
Image Screenshot From CIA-Simulation Warlord Twitter Post Below.

Saturday night was far from a peaceful night for citizens in Los Angeles County.

News reports came in that an unidentified gunman ambushed and shot two of the sheriff’s deputies while they sat peacefully in their patrol vehicle.

In an interview following the incident, Captain Kent Wegner said that the suspect approached the vehicle from behind.

The captain further added, “He walked along the passenger side of the car. He acted as if he was going to walk past the car and then he made a left turn directly toward the car, raised a pistol and fired several rounds inside of the vehicle, striking both of the sheriff’s deputies.”

Below is the video that shows what Wegner was referring to.

The deputies’ conditions are still in critical condition despite having gone through surgery. They were both shot in the head in close range, and were reported to have been “fighting for their lives,” when they were first brought to the hospital.

The bad news is… it didn’t stop there.

Overnight, Black Lives Matter supporters made it clear that the deputies’ lives did not matter to them, and neither did the lives of those currently in the hospital. They took the side of the gunman and celebrated his crime.

The BLM protesters stayed in front of the hospital and chorused, “We hope they die!” The protesters shouted profanities at the law enforcement officers, and told them that they would all be killed one by one.

That certainly seems bad enough, but they took it one step further.

Not satisfied with simply disturbing the peace, the BLM protesters also chose to block the entrances and exits to the hospital’s emergency room, according to the LA County Sheriff’s Twitter account.

Anyone would certainly be frightened if they were told that they’d be killed, but the law enforcement officers took it in stride as it is part of their job.

Some of the protesters even tried to break into the hospital, but luckily, they were stopped by either the hospital security or the police officers.

They claimed that they wanted to “visit” the deputies — even as they described them as “two of America’s most notorious gang members”. According to the tweet’s timestamp, it was past 3 AM.

They insisted that they could enter as they please because it was a public hospital. However, St. Francis Medical Center, where the two deputies were brought, is a private hospital.

Security turned the men away without fail. In exchange for doing their jobs, they were called “pigs”.

Is this what the Black Lives Matter movement stands for?