BLM Agitator Infiltrated Stage And Put His Fist Into Security’s Neck

BLM Agitator Infiltrated Stage And Put His Fist Into Security's Neck
Image Screenshot From Brandon Straka Twitter Post Below.

On Saturday, there was a “Walk Away Rescue” rally in progress in Dallas. It was meant to be a peaceful march, but unfortunately, the somber rally turned violent in no time.

Scuffles and brawls broke out. A man named Dominique Alexander was taken into custody for firing up misconduct in a peaceful march. He was arrested for a few different reasons.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter and shared a video of the rally that he had sourced from the organizer himself. What started out a serene rally to voice the importance of saving the nation, turned into a riot.

In his tweet, Trump addressed Dominique as a blame-worthy attacker, as he was involved in the scrimmage over “Black Lives Matter”. Charges of assault, misconduct, and altercation have been pressed against the man.

Alexander was arrested on the spot when there was a flip in the events on Saturday. Not one, but multiple warrants have been issued against Dominique, stated the Dallas police. According to the online records in the Office of the City Marshal, Dominique was already scheduled to be prosecuted and taken into custody.

Charges for violating traffic rules for three years from 2015-2018, infringement of state registration, tickets that the man scored for speeding, breach of the law for driving without any license, fiscal issues, damaged brake lights, and innumerable other offenses have been pressed against Alexander.

And if that wasn’t enough, Dominique was also issued a Class C for causing turmoil in an otherwise peaceful rally. Of course, none of these charges assures staying in prison for any jail time at all. However, the man could be charged with fines as much as $500.

Dominique Alexander was the founder of a group known as “Next Generation Action Network”. Soon after Alexander was arrested, posts started popping up on the group page. According to the latest video updated on the group page, Alexander is seen walking out of the office. His time in custody was already over, and he had been released by the Dallas police.

The group is not new. It had been founded back in 2014. Next Generation Action Network certainly serves a bigger purpose. Dominique has been actively involved in organizing protests and rallies in Dallas. The group is nothing more than “Canonized Martyrs”, according to the words of the President. His tweet certainly made it crystal clear that Dominique is an awful activist, closely associated with the riots over Black Lives Matter.

Over the years, Alexander has been adding to his criminal record. He was also linked to the shooting of Botham Jean. There are charges of family violence pressed against Alexander. He is a man causing stir-ups and participating in felonies. Nonetheless, Dominique’s criminal records are the top subject of controversy.

Demonstrators of the group were marching through the streets in numbers. It was none other than Shemeka Michelle, an author and a Black Conservative, who addressed the mob. They were hurdling towards the Walk-Away Rally, and upon encountering these people involved in a peaceful march, scuffles broke out. When the Next Generation supporters bumped into the Walk-Away rally security officer, the skirmish heated up.

First, it was Dominique Alexander who was pinned down and taken into custody. The Dallas Police Authorities have clearly stated that a few other people were detained, but only for questioning. None of them were arrested or thrown behind bars.

The brawl involving Alexander was neither a coincidence, nor a move made in the heat of the moment. There were a handful of counter-demonstrators who mixed in with the crowd. Some of these people were hoisting placards with the slogan that has been burning the country, “Black Lives Matter!”

If the information shared in the Next Generation group is to be believed, Alexander attacked the Walk-Away rally participant only because he mercilessly shoved a child. “He stood up for the right and acted on time,” commented Michelle Bullard, one of the members of the network.

Multiple videos were posted on the group page. It clearly showed that Alexander was closing in on the man. It was the Walk-Away participant, wearing a T-shirt with an American Flag who thrust and pushed Dominique.

Alexander did warn the man to not lay his hands on him. Soon after, the man from the rally punched him on his face and knocked Dominique to the ground. This is how the scuffle broke out.

Dominique was soon handcuffed and hurled into the squad car. This wasn’t acceptable to the Next Generation activists. They regrouped and marched to the doorsteps of the Dallas Police Headquarters.

The rally on Saturday included around 250 people, who marched up to the Klyde Warren Park. Most of the people embraced the American Flag in the form of t-shirts. Of course, flags were raised too.