Blasted: AOC’s ‘Gender Neutral’ Term for Women…

Blasted: AOC's 'Gender Neutral' Term for Women...
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Fox News – ‘Candace’ host discusses AOC comments against the Texas abortion law on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

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I don’t care what any morons say. I’m sticking with boy, girl, man, woman, lady, gentleman , baby, mother , father, son , daughter, uncle, auntie , nephew, niece, boyfriend, girlfriend, dog, and cat.

It is REALLY strange of how much racism is being tossed at Larry Elder…. It is appalling.

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If she bleeds, she breeds! Plain and simple. The femal may look like Bob, the truck driver, but she is still a biological FEMALE.


Can u see what a waste of college can be, this nincompoop, congresswoman, is a cartoon, just like empty,zombie,sockpuppet,joe. How in the world do people like this get elected? Oh I know fraudulent voting,which there experts at. and blame us for it,so we know they do/did it. they don’t know anything but cheating.but been caught.