Black Trump Supporter Proposes New Movement

Melissa A. is a Twitter activist and Black Trump supporter who attempted to initiate a green movement in reaction to the B.L.M. (Black Lives Matter) protests that had been going on all over America within the past few weeks.

Due to the leftist media outburst of “police brutality” in every direction, people seem to have forgotten about critical concepts like black crime rates and black on black crimes.

“ALL Black Lives Matter” was Melissa A’s proposal, “We are starting a new movement,” she included. Meanwhile, the tweet was retweeted by Candace Owens, “It’s #AllBlackLivesMatter, not just the ones the left wants to use for political gain.”

Melissa A. claimed that Ben Carson, the Secretary of the United States Housing and Urban Development, is right in the context that the police have taken away 0.0017% of black lives. That’s all that the left wants to make people care about, even though the lives black-on-black crime takes is 94%.

Melissa A. also included that 53% of black babies never see the light of the day because of abortion, which targets explicitly black babies for extermination—resulting in the shrinking of the black population in America.

“You will not hear Social Justice Warriors like Collin Kaep say that because he is a puppet of white liberals,” she continued.

“Only the black lives that matter is the one white liberals say matter,” she stated.

“We are not supposed to talk about poverty that disproportionately kills more blacks because then we would be forced to look at the liberal policies we have been voting for 50 years.”

According to the Daily Wire:

Melissa A. highlighted the fatality rate of pre-born black babies through abortion, publishing a meme emphasizing abortions as “the leading killer of black lives in America,” topping cancer, homicide deaths, and heart deaths of black Americans.

She even called the religious community from the left-wing “hypocrites” for exploiting the Black Lives Matter movement to their benefit.

“I think we need to start a movement calling out & confronting the hypocrite Pastors who are peddling #BlackLivesMattter & #WhiteGuilt propaganda,” Melissa stated on Twitter.

“These same pastors are silent as 20 million black babies have been killed & their body parts sold like meat in a market. Hypocrites.”

“This is a demonic agenda to make black people have an inferiority mindset while white people live in guilt & shame for something they have nothing to do with as individuals whom Christ Died for,” she finished with. “Jesus called out the hypocrites & the pharisees.. we have to do the same.”