Black Teen Stabs A White Man After Watching Police Shooting Videos

Black Teen Stabs A White Man After Watching Police Shooting Videos
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The country is in chaos as it continually witnesses several merciless incidents that are very alarming. Recently, a black teen stabs a white man after getting enraged on watching the police shooting videos. Jayton is said to have watched several videos on the social media involving police incidents. The random attack was carried out at Columbus Auto Zone. The motive behind the attack to take place was revealed while giving court testimony. The court charged Javon Hatchett with Possession of Knife & Aggravated Assault and causing crime.

The attack is suspected to be premeditated. Police investigators reported that Javon brutally struck the white man. Hatchett entered a parts store and demanded to buy a thermostat. But the employee informed that they had exhausted this item sometime back and there was none to give him. Javon already incited by the police shooting videos could not take a ‘No’ from the parts store employee.

Since he was not given the part that he demanded, he got enraged and started stabbing the employee several times. The employee at the store, a white man, was surprised, and the sudden attack left him defenseless. He faced the wrath of the enraged and highly incited Javon and got stabbed multiple times. The employee was later transported to the nearest hospital and found by the doctors in critical condition. He was considered to be lucky enough to survive even after this brutal assault. The police later testified to the employee.

Javon Hatchett is a teen of just 19 years old. The police went through the surveillance video, found the suspect entering the store, and later saw him fleeing the scene. Once the local media published the images, the Law Enforcement personnel got tipped off immediately. SGT Ray Mills said to Judge Julius Hunter how Hatchett smiled when he greeted him at his home, located at a very close distance from the store Auto Zone. When approached, Javon readily confessed to his stabbing the white store employee.

SGT Mills testified, “Mr. Hatchett clearly described the police shooting videos that he was watching on Facebook. The videos were of the police involved in shooting in different parts of the country. On watching them, he felt compelled to attack someone, especially a white male. He then targeted the Auto Zone employee for the attack.”

Hatchett, as per court records, was said to be free on bond. He was charged with criminal damage caused to property and was given a bond only three days before stabbing the employee at Auto Zone. He also got arrested six months ago for two felonies, which included aggravated and brutal assault.

Refusing to issue a bond, Judge Hunter ordered evaluating Javon Hatchett’s mental health condition. His case was then transferred to the Superior Court. During the court testimony, the police said that the AutoZone stabbing suspect “had felt the need to attack a white male” on August 25, 2020, on 32nd Street, where he stabbed an AutoZone employee. The suspect was taken to court and charged with possessing a weapon while committing this crime and aggravated assault.

Hatchett struck the AutoZone employee at around 8:36 AM. Police claimed that the assault was premeditated and acted out of compulsion to kill a white man. Also, they stated that the attack was completely unprovoked and took the employee by surprise.

Testimony was given in court about the case by Sgt. R.S. Mills of Columbus Police. Mills further said that Hatchett was entirely influenced by the videos showing police brutality occurring across the country. The videos compelled him to take such action to show his anger against the police system and white people.

Currently, Hatchett is in Muscogee County Jail and held without bond until his case is sent to Superior Court for further hearing. The brutal incident sent alarms to people across the country, now worrying about their safety.