Black Man Accused of “White Privilege” by CNN Liberal

Black Man Accused of
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Fox News contributor David Webb was accused by Areva Martin of using “white privilege” to succeed in his career. Areva Martin, who is a civil rights lawyer and CNN legal analyst, appeared on the Sirius XM Radio show hosted by David Webb.

Areva Martin was called on the show for a discussion regarding job qualifications and race. Webb, who is also a Fox Nation host, stated that he had faced different situations in the media world. He had worked hard to qualify for the positions that he had been selected in.

He further stated that his color was never the issue, his qualifications were. In response to this, Areva Martin accused him of using his white privilege to get around in the world. She said that Webb had the opportunity to do what people of color did not have due to him being a white man.

CNN Legal Analyst Calls Out Webb for Using White Privilege

The accusation made by Areva Martin further advanced when Webb asked how he had benefited from white privilege. She replied to this statement by saying that it was by virtue of him being a white man.

David Webb was quick to interrupt her and point out that she might not have received the correct information from her team or done enough research herself regarding the host. He told Areva that he was, in fact, black, which made her pause for a moment.

Webb went on to say that Areva was talking to a black man who has started his career in Boston in rock radio. He then moved on to hip-hop and rebuilt one of the greatest American black stations.

Webb, who is currently a Fox News contributor, has been able to work in a channel where black people were not supposed to work due to his qualifications. He rebuked Areva for not gathering the right information about him and making an assumption about exercising white privilege.

Areva Martin’s Apology Criticized

Areva Martin, on the radio show, apologized to David Webb, stating that her people had given her the wrong information. Her apology was later criticized by the Fox News contributor on FOX & Friends, stating that her apology was directed at the lack of competency of her team.

White privilege has been a constant issue for a long time and has also been used by people to describe the failure to achieve their dreams. David Webb, on FOX & Friends, clarified that white privilege does not exist. The only thing that matters is earned privilege.

Areva Martin has not been available to comment on the incident, and her spokesperson declined to comment on the matter. Webb took to Twitter after the incident and posted his pictures with white men with the hashtag WhitePrivilege.

Misconceptions Surrounding White Privilege

Webb urges people to take a serious lesson from the gaffe that occurred on the radio show. According to him, the skin does not have its idea formulation capability. It is the mind of a person that takes them further in life.

He also pointed out that this incident would have been different if the accusation was directed at a liberal. Webb stated that there would be firing and pressures from the left to throw him off the channel.

White privilege is a serious issue used by people of color, stating that most white people reach the position they are in due to the color of their skin. Webb contradicts this idea based on the fact that only people with qualifications and a strong mind will be able to earn their place in the world.

After the incident, David Webb informed that he had invited Martin back to his Sirius XM Radio show for an extended discussion on white privilege. Webb, in his FOX channel show, FOX & Friends discussed this topic.

From his perception, the whole idea of white privilege has always been misunderstood by people, which resulted in this awkward confrontation.

He wishes to engage in a long discussion with Martin to bring into light the misconceptions that have been associated with white privilege for such a long time. Webb believes that the color of one’s skin does not matter in comparison to one’s qualifications.