Black Lives Matter Narrative Gets Destroyed In Less Than 40 Minutes

Black Lives Matter Narrative Gets Destroyed In Less Than 40 Minutes
Image Screenshot From AmericanExperimentMN Youtube Video Below.

Heather Mac Donald, a scholar from Manhattan University, took only 40 minutes to present completely fact-based and empiric evidence rebutting the Black Lives Matter’s “Systematic Police Racism” narrative, which has gripped the whole nation. Mac Donald, who has testified to Congress, regularly engages in civil debate with anyone who challenges her claims. It’s still unclear why YouTube decided her voice was not to be heard, by deleting a video of her presentation entitled “The Truth About Crime, Race & Policing in America.”

The Center of the American Experiment, which hosted the event, pushed back and had YouTube restore the video—but with an age restriction stamped on it.

“I have no idea what there could be in Heather’s presentation that is more unsuitable for consumption by teenagers than most of YouTube’s content,” wrote John Hinderaker, president of the think tank and a contributor to the popular Powerline blog. “Maybe we will contest this at some point, but for now we may as well celebrate victory.”

Hinderaker has still not received any kind of explanation behind YouTube’s decision to ban Heather’s video and mark it as “Flagged For Review”.

A fact that can be deduced from the incident is that Mac Donald’s thorough, well-explained, and fact-based presentation appeared as some kind of threat to the establishment institutions, which have devoted themselves into Black Lives Matter morale and the narrative that “Policing in the US is lethally racist.”

Calling it flat out false, Mac Donald presented three types of evidence that rebut Black Lives Matter claims about US police: statistics, specific individual cases like George Floyd, and academic research.

“A police officer is up to 30 times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer,” she said, pointing out the analyses made by mainstream researchers of available data.

In 2015, under President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, a Justice Department analysis of the Philadelphia Police Department showed that white police officers are less likely to shoot any unarmed black than black or Hispanic police officers.

In 2016, Washington Post published a Washington State University Study that shows police officers are less likely to shoot unarmed black suspects than unarmed white suspects.

Framing The Death of A Black Man

Mac Donald used the reference of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey. After asking for more police officers in September amid the surging rate of crimes in the downtown business district, he strongly helped establish the narrative of George Floyd’s death by immediately declaring whatever the investigation revealed. He stated, “Being black in America should not be a death sentence.”

“Mayor Frey’s interpretation of Mr. Floyd’s horrifying end, that it was a function of his race, instantly became universal,” she said.

The idea was merged with the claim that Floyd’s death was representative of “an epidemic of racially biased police killings of black men.”

“Together these two claims triggered an explosion of violence in Minneapolis and across the country, destroying thousands of livelihoods, turning city streets into war zones and ripping apart the very foundation of law and order,” said Mac Donald.

Individual Cases

George Floyd’s death on Memorial Day was typically cast as the “part that stands for whole” of police violence. Mac Donald argued with the same reasoning by saying, “We could just as easily pick out white cases and conclude police are biased against white men.”

This was not the first incident. In 2016, a 32-year-old schizophrenic white man named Tony Timpa called Dallas Police, stating that he was running out of medication and that he needed help. Three police officers kept joking and kept him on the ground for 13 minutes as he pleaded for help 30 times while saying, “You are killing me.”

The point to be noted here is — the only reason Tony’s case didn’t fit into the narrative of BLM was that this was a death of a white man.

She also took the reference of the Washington Post database showing an incident that happened in 2019 where there were 9 unarmed black victims of police shootings and 19 unarmed white victims.

Academic Studies

A 2019 study published by the prestigious proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America highlights the fact that there is no racial disparity in police shootings once a violent crime is taken into account.

“Are you seeing a pattern here?” she asked in her presentation Thursday.

Mac Donald said that she received an email from the writers asking her not to cite these particular findings, even though the author stand by their findings.

The authors also found that whites are about three times more likely to be fatally shot than blacks, once their homicide rates are taken into account.

“So a robust body of empirical work disproves the racism charge,” Mac Donald said.