Bill Gates Does WHAT Now?! This Is A BIG PROBLEM…

Bill Gates Does WHAT Now?! This Is A BIG PROBLEM...
Image From Video Below...

Russell Brand – As a new article reveals the levels of influence Bill Gates has within media – which he has bankrolled to the tune of millions of dollars – we ask, is Bill Gates’s image all a creation of his own making?

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No one should ever have that kind of sick power. People really need to wake up and quickly! Thank you Russell. Your another truth teller and we need you. ☮️🙏

Bill Gates is like the kid nobody likes but his rich parents pay kids to go to his birthday party

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Tom T

Ship the dirty scumbag to China with the
rest of his commie buddies and never allow
the scum back into the U.S.A. and if he does
come back to U.S.A. then shoot the dirty S.O.B.
for treason. The dirty scum made all of his
money from U.S.A. then the no account scum
is giving his commie buddies all the support
they need.


Bill Gates was sentenced and hung at the Spa by a Military Tribunal!