Big Lie: Don Lemon Exposes Himself on Live TV…

Big Lie: Don Lemon Exposes Himself on Live TV...
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The Next News Network – Cassandra Fairbanks from The Gateway Pundit reports, During an appearance on PBS’s “Firing Line,” CNN’s Don Lemon insisted that he does not do “opinion” on his show. When host Margaret Hoover asked him how his show is different from those on Fox News, he claimed that he’s different because he offers “point-of-view.”

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No one is as racist as that soured fruit, he is a lemon.

Don Lemon and CNN have terrible ratings. Now that’s a fact!

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Michael G Warren

Donald J. TRUMP is the POTUS.


What is this a Russian propaganda site? If not, how do you simpletons think you can win a war against a major adversary while continuing to hollow out your society with this racially polarizing divisive silliness? Your foreign adversaries are gloating, and laughing at a bunch of fools knowing they don’t have to expend military manpower assets when a bunch of you fools give them a cheap yet efficient weapon for their arsenal to help you destroy yourselves internally. They now attack the soft underbelly of this nation’s vulnerability using racial animus to instigate many of you foolish racially hateful people into destructive civil insurrection, weakening a nation, consisting roughly 50-50 people of color v. Caucasian and making you truly impotent despite many of your misguided superpower beliefs. Korea, Viet Nam, and now Afghanistan surely reveal those beliefs as being nothing more than recruitment propaganda..

emoji chin scratcher.png

well, yes. these last few months we have exposed ourselves as a country as being weak and having a stupid and weak “leader” that tells our enemies EXACTLY where we are vulnerable and lists off all of them and says NOT TO ATTACK THEM. what a moron Joe Biden is. Trump would never have done such an idiot move. the whole 4 years we avoided an actual war or even warlike escalations. several arab nations came to a peace agreement… YEARS after Obama so he had NOTHING AT ALL to do with it. Like Trump or hate him, he DID a great job as president. he got the rest of the nations we are allied with to pay their fair cut of the deal and they didn’t actually complain much. they said, “ok, yeah. we probably should.” North Korea let our president step into his country for the first time ever! HUGE! Biden and Harris will NEVER be able to do that.