Biden’s Plan to Spread Migrants Throughout the Continental US

Biden's Plan to Spread Migrants Throughout the Continental US

Fox News – ‘Hannity’ host warns the president’s immigration policies will lead to a ‘massive humanitarian crisis.’

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All the cities on the west coast have a SERIOUS homeless problem and drug epidemic. WORK ON THAT INSTEAD!!!! Our own citizens need help!!!!

Send them all to DC, Silicon Valley the Hamptons, and Martha’s Vinyard! They want this so bad, give it to them!

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Has America gone out of it’s mind? Processing 5,000 illegals a month, 350 of them children without their parents. Thanks liberals, you really screwed the country. That’s how you do it. Flood your country with unemployed border jumpers with no job, no moneys and no command of the language; don’t proccess them for the virus and lets start a new round of lock ups. and since they don’t seem to want their overabundance of kids they can pay a coyote to drop them in Uncle Saps day camp.

Gerald S Ladd

LOL..the only one that’s out of their/his mind is…drooling Joe!


This isn’t Biden’s plan, this is a continuation of what Obama did when he was in office. Obama had millions bused throughout the country and then released into our communities spreading disease and committing all sorts of crimes. Biden is the face that is shown to us, but Pelosi and Obama are calling the shots, Biden is the puppet at the end of the strings Pelosi and Obama control. LOCK N LOAD AMERICA, THE FIGHTING WILL INDEED BE IN OUR STREETS AND HOMES.


One Way To Stop Illegal Immigration in it’s Tracks, is To Pass a Bill Not Allowing Anybody Crossing Out Border Illegally From Voting. Period, No exceptions From Later Trying To Make Them Legal.

Gerald S Ladd

Trump slowed it down. Drooling Joe rang the dinner bell. This is all on him.

Gerald S Ladd

Soon it’ll be Biteme the head killer!