Bidens Numbers Are Down So He Finally Condemns The Violence But Blames Trump

Bidens Numbers Are Down So He Finally Condemns The Violence But Blames Trump
Image Screenshot From Frank Luntz Twitter Post Below.

Joe Biden, the Democrat Presidential nominee criticized the violence that the nation is witnessing in every nook and cranny of the country. The protests and riots are nothing but pure chaos. He did not wait even a minute to condemn President Donald Trump for sparking the fire in the country.

The President is the one who has been fomenting and encouraging the protests in America. He is not keen to bring such issues in the limelight. Instead, Trump is deeply interested in scaling up the heat that is burning the country to ashes. He is whipping up violence that is choking all cities, states, and places in the country. Joe Biden made a remark and criticized President Trump for his actions and inability during his campaign in Pittsburgh. He further stated, “Trump cannot put a stop to the violence. He has been sowing the seeds of anarchy for a long time now. He provokes violence and does nothing to stop it.”

Joe went on and vilified the lootings, arson, riots, and killings that are plaguing the country. The recent protests are all about violence and anarchy. Little did the President realize that it is crippling for America.

Many are of the idea that the speech announces Biden’s new wave of campaigns. After all, he was holed up in Wilmington, Delaware, and chose not to travel. If you are curious why, here’s what Biden had to say, “It is important to put all stops in preventing the baneful coronavirus from spreading.”

Now that he has decided to travel again, his campaigns are bolder and making quite a stir in the field of politics.

Mr. Biden has been hurling blatant remarks and criticizing the Trump administration repeatedly. Recently, while campaigning for his political course in Pittsburgh, he unveiled the failures of the Trump administration yet again. Only this time, the push was incredibly fierce.

The President has been incapable of dealing with a pandemic that is threatening the citizens of America. Trump chose to sit back and do nothing to put a stop to the virus attack. If Donald J. Trump stands out as a winner and is re-elected, Americans will be far from safe. “The country will face the biggest anarchy of all times,” stated Biden.

Trump is mostly active on Twitter. He tweeted a message that was short and crisp. “Law and Order,” and that was it. Joe is certainly pulling out all stops to ensure that the message isn’t dull and vague. The President has been highlighting issues of lawlessness, protests, violence, and racial injustice.

On Monday, Trump tweeted, “Mayors and Governors of the Radical Left are showing their inability to take the reigns of the situation like protests and lootings, afflicting their cities. How are they working to ensure that the rioters are abiding by the basic law and order of the state or city? Instead, violence is spreading like wildfire. The control is no longer in the hands of the Mayors and Governors. It is the agitators and anarchists who are running the show. It is a show of violence for sure.” This was a remarkably big blow for Joe. The impacts of his statements were dwindling.

Instead of fighting back on Twitter, Joe made an appearance for a presidential campaign in Pittsburgh with a well-drafted speech. He was pretty vocal and condemned Trump for his actions. He went on to say, “Trump may utter the words ‘Law and Order’, trying to cast a robust impact. However, it is sad to watch the pro-Trump supporters taking down streets like a bunch of armed militia. If the President can’t exercise control on his supporters, what good is he anyway? It doesn’t portray a strong image for the President. On the contrary, it makes Trump appear weak.”

The Republicans are not staying in the backseat either. They are constantly speaking of the riots and acts of violence at all protests held everywhere in the country. They stated, “It is only a trailer of what America will put up with under the administration of Joe Biden.”

Hundreds of troops of the National Guard were deployed to reign in and quell the riots and shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This weekend, a Trump supporter was shot to death during a demonstration in Portland. Tweets by Donald Trump are on a roll. He tweeted, “Mr. Biden is doing nothing but encouraging vandalism himself. He has failed to condemn violence.” In response, Joe Biden made a statement loud and clear.

He said, “I chastise violence by all means. No one can get away with vandalism. Regardless of the agitators being someone from the right or the left. I would rather request Trump to take similar measures.”