Biden’s Latest Response to Border Issues Will Make Your Blood Boil

Biden's Latest Response to Border Issues Will Make Your Blood Boil

The Thursday after he gave his first address to Congress, President Joe Biden sat down for an interview with NBC. Despite the escalating crisis, he continues to deny that it is a crisis.

He began by referring to the increase in illegal immigrants at the border as a “seasonal” spike and, unsurprisingly, blamed it once again on the former administration.

“Before you took office in January, you laid out four crises that demanded urgent action. The pandemic was obviously one of them. The economic fallout as a result of the pandemic was one of them. Climate change and racial inequality,” the NBC host said. “Immigration was not one of the crises that demanded urgent action in January. Does it demand urgent action now? Is what’s happening at the southern border — is it a crisis?”

“A month ago, we had thousands of young kids in custody in places they shouldn’t be, controlled by the Border Patrol. We have now cut that down dramatically. Look, here’s what happened—the failure to have a real transition, Biden responded, again pushing the blame to someone else. “The two departments that didn’t give us access to virtually anything were the Immigration and the Defense Department. So we didn’t find out they had fired a whole lot of people, that they were understaffed considerably.”

“But in April alone, Mr. President, 170,000 people—migrants—apprehended at the border. It’s a 20-year record. There are 22,000 unaccompanied children in our country right now. That’s a record that sounds to most folks like a crisis,” the host continued.

“Look, it’s way down now. We’ve now gotten control,” Biden said slowly. “For example, in 2010, they didn’t have the available beds. They didn’t plan for the overflow. They didn’t plan for the Department of Health and Human Services to have places to take the kids from the Border Patrol and put them in beds where there’s security and people that could take care of them.”

“So there’s a significant change right now,” Biden emphasized. “Significant change in the circumstance for children coming to and at the border.”

“During the campaign, you pledged to reunite hundreds of children who have been separated from their parents by the previous administration,” the NBC host responded. “According to our reporting, and in your first 100 days, not one child has been reunited.”

“I don’t think that’s true,” Biden said. “But that could be.”

“What we have done is we have reunited children with their families as they’ve come across the border. But one of the things is we don’t know yet where those kids are, and we’re trying like hell to figure out what happened. It’s almost like being a sleuth, and we’re continuing to try like hell to find out where they are,” Biden added.

Maybe if he hadn’t incentivized migrants to cross the border illegally, then they wouldn’t have to “try like hell to find out where they are.”

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charles wilkins

Let’s face the Biden’s are traitors: The one’s who hate America are the traitor Biden’s who sold us down the river for personal gain all your bullshit is not going to change what’s happened. Acromonious Joe Biden trying to shake his guilty conscious, for his portrayal of the American people, his faith, and his oath to protect our country, and its constitution. Our president is now the joke of International leaders, who think Biden stole the election, which he did, and is being controlled by those hiding behind the drapes. What are other countries saying, Mexico’s government is telling Biden and his administration to start helping fix the situation, with Mexico’s president even saying that Biden is the “migrant president” and is having policies and statements that are empowering Mexico’s dangerous cartels, human traffickers and suffering of its immigrants. Guatemala’s president joined Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador blamed Joe Biden for the border crisis, during a sit-down interview with MSNBC. Current leaders are avoiding Biden for fear it will cost them more money for pay to play, after similar experiences with the Clinton’s, Putin says no more meetings Joe, would like my 3 million plus returned given to Hunter, throw out all our diplomats who cares, at least Clinton gave us a few BS speeches, yet, you can’t remember any of deals or where your at, or why your there. China, China, China what’s being agreed to there Joe? or has it already been agreed upon for that 200 million Hunter received from China? Biden / Harris need to be impeached and any Democrat that can not stand for America first and our Constitution also need to go. Folks we have no leadership at the White House.

Last edited 5 months ago by charles wilkins
Angie Willis

Charles – Wow, do you make stuff up much? I won’t waste too much time pointing out your lies but first of all, Mexico isn’t complaining about all the immigrants crossing because they don’t have to deal with as many of them living on THEIR side of the border while they wait for their hearing (find housing for them, provide food and medical, etc.)! Many who are crossing, are immediately sent back and they camp out at the border – on Mexico’s side, waiting for their cases to be heard! Next, who in their right minds would believe your statements on what Putin supposedly said? No doubt he isn’t happy that Russia’s hard work to “fix” the elections had failed because too many people with brains saw through Trumps BS, but you just made up crap! Russia is a huge problem for us and the cyber attacks have recently escalated – for starters! If Trump had never pretended to be Putin’s friend and tried working with him on secret deals to benefit Trump & other republican politicians, and not the American people, maybe we’d have more of a chance to get Russia’s cooperation on things! Find a new media source for your information! Oh and talk about a party that can not stand up for American’s, that is the Republicans in Congress who refuse, as a group, to not vote in favor of A SINGLE bill that is brought forward by the democrats! They don’t even care what the bill is about or how many Americans it’s going to help! They aren’t working “for the people” at all! They are working to not piss off Trump because they need his support for the next elections! All they care about is the next elections – PERIOD!! A good example of not caring what’s in a bill and just deciding as a group not to vote on any dem bill, look at the last stimulus package! Due to their refusal to even attempt to work with the dems, they had to give up on it passing with bipartisan support and instead went another route to pass it. IF they had tried to actually do their job & work with the dems, they could have reduced some of the cost – for starters! Also, Biden did more good in his first week alone and definitely his first 100 days, than just about any other president – and maybe ANY president! He walked into a huge mess with multiple crisis’s that were not being handled because Trump was focused on campaigning – not his job! When he refused to work with the incoming new administration, it put them at a major disadvantage! They were starting from scratch! Of course Trump did this on purpose to try to make Biden look bad which was more important for him that helping – which would have helped all Americans! HE DID NOT CARE. He only cared about himself and keeping up the Big Lie! NOW THAT’S THE TRUTH!

Irene C Grooms


Michael Skok

It’s like the second coming of Obama. It’s going to be a long, long four years.

Captain Cross

President Handled has spoken! Well Joey, the stats don’t lie but you do.


A true delusional democrat . Never amitt to nothing , and blame someone else .


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