Biden’s Dog Attacks Again, Hospitalizes the Victim!

Biden's Dog Attacks Again, Hospitalizes the Victim!

The Next News Network – Jesse O’Neil from The New York Post reports, Joe Biden’s German shepherd has a Major problem. Major, the Biden’s 3-year-old adopted pet, has been in another biting incident requiring medical attention, CNN reports.

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Look Joe even your dog knows you guys should not be there!

I bred & trained k9s for over 12 years & that poor pup doesn’t belong in a home with a bunch of Demons 😈 poor pup is doing everything he can to escape

We all know that it was Joe who bit that person not the dog they’re just blaming it on the poor pup

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Send Joe and his dogs to China.

charles wilkins

If you can’t train your dogs not to shit on the oval office floor or not to bite people, what in hell are you doing trying to run the United States? First Lady Jill Biden attended a ceremony Wednesday honoring the birthday of Mexican American “socialist”. We now have someone in our highest office who hates the American people, attacks American employment, attacks out energy sources, threatening our food chains, trying to bankrupt our economy with “socialist idealism”, and really has sold his soul to all foreign powers. Mr. President what do you think how the Biden name will be remembered in history? Our great border protector? Loved by all,? That bust you have in your office of John Kennedy who said “ask not what your country but what you can do for your country” Put it away please you do another disservice to our Country, memories are not make with fake put on demeanor. Your policies do not represent Democrat or Republican or any American values. The Biden family will be forever known as the family who enriched themselves at the expense of the American Tax payor. That’s how 78 million plus American voters will remember not only, you but also your entire family. That will be the Biden Legacy, an old man with silly ideas who tried to rewrite our Country but failed because of corruption. No one will ever forget the monies Hunter received from our enemies abroad. Those appointees your setting up as cabinet have less knowledge and experience in those field of endeavor then you, where is the Doctor report your mentally fit to serve?


All News Networks need to STOP TALKING and “We the People” need to start IMPEACHMENT procedures on BIDEN, HARRIS, PELOSI, SCHUMER & all other DEM ELITES who are trying to shred our Constitution and make up their OWN RULES & LAWS as they go along like OBAMA did. We can no longer hand over their paychecks as they continue to give themselves extremely high raises like OBAMA did himself. That is how DEMS come into office poor & go back out as MILLIONAIRES on our hard earned money & tax dollars. The “Dirty DEM ELITES” keep on spending OUR MONEY! This is a MAJOR EXAMPLE here: “BIDEN’S BIG BILL: Plan to Put Immigrants in Motels to Cost $284K for a Family of Four!”!  NO MORE TALK OR PROCRASTINATION – ONLY MORE ACTION IS NEEDED NOW!!!