Biden: ‘You make me laugh at myself a lot’…

Biden: 'You make me laugh at myself a lot'...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden: “You make me laugh at myself a lot.”

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We aren’t laughing with you. We are laughing AT YOU.

The people laughing and clapping at his attempts to be funny are a bunch of suck ups. Nothing he said was funny. What is funny is he really thinks that he’s the best thing that has ever happened to our country. He doesn’t even realize that he is a joke to most of the world.


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Harry Balls

Biden is a filthy, f**kjng a**hole and a LOSER!!


Biden is a egotistic manic so much that he doesn’t even realize he is the “BUTT” of every Joke.. “Lets Go Brandon” did anyone explain that one to him? lol BTW China Joe… I as a legal American citizen who did not vote for you find it not funny at all that it just so happens that you didn’t get the popular vote but some how got more votes than Trump who was making MAGA not deconstructing wiping out our Great History but actually building this country back better by the policy “America First! You on the other hand are destroying or killing our fellow man with a Wuhan virus and not allowing therapeutics to get the virus under control instead you want to control the people who can’t stand your mandates stealing our freedoms along with stealing the Nov 2020 election. Now with this 4.5 trillion socialistic bill you will steal our children’s futures! Is there anything you wouldn’t steal! In several words Biden your nothing but a empty suit unelected 2 bid imposter President THEIF ! Wow now that was “fun” to get off my chest!!