Biden Whispering Again, Then Walks Away…

Biden Whispering Again, Then Walks Away...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden whispers “get vaccinated” and walks away without taking questions.

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Tougher on unvaccinated Americans than the Taliban.

Commander in chief embarrassment. This is our fake president ran ran ran like u did in Afghanistan

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Nancy Gessner

hello MR ass hole COWARD president afraid to dp your job Take responsibility for your actions war Crimes Treason Murderer in the first degree and 2 nd degree southern border Job Market and lying to Americans why the mask if the jab works if the jab is a failure why enforce it START MAKING SENSE aliens come yo US through our southern border unvaxed and some of them are covid positive and vaxed YOU DONT GINE A DAMN about America just your pocket You should be court marshalled under the UCMJ after you resign or impeached for not being worthy to be called a man, your not a leader you are a disgrace a bastard always hiding and the bitch VP aint any better

linda knowles

to Nancy Gessner HELLO MY SISTER i agree with you one million % biden is a CHICKHEN SHIT YELLOW BELLIED COWARD HE NEVER NEVER WON THE ELECTION AMERICA is unique in the world the governments [email protected] all levels are liminted to the confines of our constitution which protects our GOD given liberities and our civil rights we are not and will not be the subjects of an elite class of so called experts WE THE PEOPLE WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE GOVERNMENT


Look at the bright side – he found the door without getting lost. He didn’t fondle and inappropriately touch any kids (while NOT wearing a mask). He didn’t wander aimlessly off in the middle of his presentation AND, even tho’ it was delivered in a creepy whisper, his message was at the least fairly coherent unlike most of the stuff coming out of his mouth (I’m still trying to figure out that “Robert E. Lee” comment he made a day or so ago… – you know, the one where Sky News offered $100 to anyone who could decipher what it was he was saying). Granted, it was only two words and, had he had to add a third one, it might have all gone wonky, whacky and weird, but, hey, he got a coherent thought out. Maybe he’s having a lucid moment. At least, he didn’t use up any “Depends” today (that we know of).