Biden: When we talk about the number, we shouldn’t even talk about the number…

Biden: When we talk about the number, we shouldn't even talk about the number...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden: “When we talk about the number, we shouldn’t even talk about the number.”

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I’d like to know who’s earmarked for a tax cut in this behemoth? Definitely not the middle class. Let’s go Brandon!

So who “paid” for it if it’s “all paid for”? I want a receipt shown. Who paid for it? And why?

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jake the snake

if there were anyone running a lie counter; how many lies in a row woudl biden have just said? i lost count at 7. I think i went into lie overload.

i have to look back at the democrats constant screaming trump lied and think about the transparency and attempted clarity of trump compared ot the garbage we are seeing now.

listening to biden is like listening to a bad dr suess book.

lets go brandon

lets go brandon.


if you stacked biden lies together you could probably reach from new york city

marsha rachford

Yeh, you could probably get from Ca to NYC but who would want to. Wonder if there are enough lie to get from Ca to FL? Or NYC to Texas?


Biden and the Democrats that are pushing these Non- Infrastructure Trillion Dollar Bills are of course not worried about the numbers, Most of them won’t be around, or will find some exemption for them and their Families the rest of the country can’t get. They don’t seem to have much intelligence or have never took a Economics class ( or just have no common sense ) but it’s our Children and Children’s Children and so forth that will be paying for it. If you increase the taxes on the rich , the natural order is it is passed onto the consumers, through higher prices. Come on Morons Didn’t what just happened in Virginia open your eyes to what the country is saying?