Biden: ‘What Tornadoes?’, ‘They Don’t Call Them That Anymore’…

Biden: 'What Tornadoes?', 'They Don't Call Them That Anymore'...
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Charlie Kirk – What Tornadoes? Biden Says “They Don’t Call Them That Anymore…”

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Non binary circular wind vortex is the appropriate term I guess.

We don’t call them Tornadoes anymore, we call them Circle Backs, in respect to Psaki

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The democrats are:

1) Rewriting the entire English language to suite their politically correct agenda, designed to show us that they can change us and we can do nothing about it.
2) Tearing down statues to erase our history, invading us with illegals from 192 different nations to change our Christian culture and our unique way of life,
3) Orchestrating, scheduling, financing and Paying Antifa & BLM to riot, burn, loot, murder and then paying their bail so they can go out and riot, burn, loot, and murder some more, then dropping all charges for billions of dollars in damage, with doctor bills and hospital charges for the serous injuries to police and innocent citizens, even for murder.
4) Paying for fake dossiers to entrap, fraud and commit treasons to finance a coup d’etat to take down a sitting president because he is not a communist demonRAT that will force our country into bankruptcy and take it down
5) Dividing our citizens with their hateful race card to make us hate each other, hate ourselves and indoctrinating our kids to hate themselves, each other, and hate our country so bad that they can use us to destroy American selves and our country for the.
6) Giving our sovereignty to the UN, China and any enemy who wants it by taking our land from us and selling it to them,
7) Ending our energy independence by killing the Keystone Pipeline and GIVING Russia their independent energy making Russia great again,
8) Giving the Afghanistan Taliban our citizens and allies thousands of our citizens to kill by beheading, torture, and giving them the list of all their names to make sure that they find them. Biden even left our military dogs there so they could kill and torture them by injecting them with with acid to watch them scream and writhe in pain until they die, just for their entertainment!
9) Giving the Taliban $85 Billion of our most high tech sophisticated military equipment to use against us, and against our allies, to make them the most high tech equipped army in the muslim world and paid for by our tax dollars
10) Giving the Taliban millions upon millions of dollars of our tax dollars CASH placed on pallets for them to use against us
11) Biden and the Pelosi democrats, even after their disaster that they created are STILL giving the Taliban, billions of our tax dollars that are buried into all of their fake stimulus bills that are incorrectly labeled “for the people” when the only thing it has to do with the people is that the money come out of our paychecks directly deposited into their IRS personal accounts for their out of control spending sprees.
12) Plotting to raise our taxes on every thing that they can to get the money that they want for their green new deal, which is another scam to tax us to the poor house for their OUT-OF-CONTROL spending sprees to fund our enemies and for America to keep up their dictatorship world…. making our citizens their “worker ants” or more aptly stated, their human oxen yoked to their communist plows.
13) Keeping the borders open to millions of illegals and bringing in muslims from Afghanistan, Syria, Haiti, Guatemala, to make us pay for them, which will be their voting crew until they can wipe out elections, and who will be their army that will police us and strike so much fear into us with their brutality that we will be too afraid to not obey them.
14) All of their blatant treason is to get rich, stay rich off the backs of the dirty peon citizens (We The People), and stay rich, and to keep them in the lap of luxury in their new world order globalist utopia where they can wield their absolute power and absolute control over us, and our paychecks, without impunity, where they are accountable to no one, as they rule over everyone in their utopian world as they make us their chattel living in a hell of their making.

They are making Mao Zedong, Hitler, Stalin look like choir boys and their communist muslim demonRAT voters don’t know it yet, but they will join the ranks of everyone that they are ganging up and bullying and calling names and beating up on, and some murdering.

Buckle up, it’s going to be a hell of a ride. Pray to God that He will intervene before they destroy humanity. Matthew 24

Steve Fox

Joe Biden, aka Mr. Potatohead, has totally lost what little brain he had. Mostly he’s just a French Fry.