Biden Wanders Through Mental Fog As He’s Asked Questions Meant For A Child

Biden Wanders Through Mental Fog As He's Asked Questions Meant For A Child
Image Screenshot From Donald Trump Jr. Twitter Post Below.

President Trump recently called out the media for their clear double standard regarding himself and Joe Biden.

In an intense exchange with the reporters who were harping about the latest fake news extravaganza published by The Atlantic, the free world leader gave the befitting reply to the reporters at the White House press conference.

Peppered with several questions on the orchestrated reputation-hurting campaign, Trump defined the magazine as a “second rate” one before he took a hand on reporters for their coddling of lunchbucket Joe. Apparently, Trump disparaged the war dead as “suckers” in a story by political hack Jeffrey Goldberg that cited their usual anonymous sources.

The president gave a sudden blow to the present journalists for Biden’s softball question, which he said were “meant for a child.”

Trump said that he had watched the interview with sleepy Joe Biden, where all the reporters’ questions were specially crafted to match Biden’s comfort zone. The reporters never ask comfortable and soft questions to President Trump. He added that Biden’s questions were meant for a child, to the amusement of the reporters.

Referring to the article published in The Atlantic, the president said it’s a disgrace how reporters perceive him performing good military work. President Trump also stated that he loves the US Military people, and it’s him who gave them a good pay raise. Trump has rebuilt $2.5 trillion for the US Military, and he has also formed space force in the world.

According to President Donald Trump, an article published in The Atlantic is a total disgrace after strengthening the nation’s military force.

The president further added that the way reporters ask questions to Joe Biden is very simple and childish. The level of which is not intended for an adult, much less for a presidential candidate.

Yes, we cannot say that President Trump’s frustration is not justified as we have seen Biden in the same form in Friday’s speech. Biden was wandering through his regular mental fog, and at one point, read the line of the teleprompter that said “end of quote.”

It’s a wonder Biden has never had to face any challenging questions from the media. Sometimes it seems like the media is working as an unofficial partner of Biden’s election campaign.

Does Joe Biden have any clue about what year it is? We cannot say after the recent incident from his basement footage. During a recent virtual event from his basement, the former Vice President appeared to forget what year it was during the 2020 census discussion.

“But you know, in the 2020 census, which is now two censuses ago,” Biden said.

Well, this is not happening for the first time with Biden, as a very similar incident just a day before when he forgot which community center he was at. The on-going campaign was then at Wilmington, Delaware, on the last Tuesday, where Biden welcomed people at the wrong community center.

“Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to Kingswood Community Center,” the former Vice President said.

One thing Joe Biden needs to realize is that these are not laughable gaffes anymore. Instead, these are the signs of severe cognitive issues. It is not confirmed yet if he has Alzheimer’s disease, but he has a degenerative neurological disorder in which Dementia is a part of it.