Biden Turns to Harris in the Move We All Expected…

Biden Turns to Harris in the Move We All Expected...

The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, Joe Biden and his babysitter Kamala Harris on Friday visited the CDC in Atlanta before meeting with leaders from the Asian community. Biden’s trip to Atlanta was a total disaster and kicked off with a triple fall as he boarded Air Force One.

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The only people they tricked is the sheep they handle, not us

They stole a presidential election and act as if they hit a home run.

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Stealing an election does not make you a President, Vice President, or Georgia Senator. These people are the enemy within, “God save America”

John J

EVERYONE is smarter than blubbering Biden

Adrian Vance

This is going to be a tragedy of Shakespearian dimensions, but with less attractive players, save the fools and we are all in the cast! Witless Joe is destroying our currency, elections, bureaus, defenses, borders, taxes, you name it, with a sword of utter incompetence like that he used to craft his 1990 “Gun Free Zones” act that brought school shootings to life. Come to Jesus!!!


I believe Joe is eliminating President Trump’s policies “out of spite” – without regard or considering what is good policy or beneficial to American citizens – or our country as it relates to the world stage, just so he can say that he eliminated Trump’s legacy – such a poor disgusting excuse for the American presidency and reputation as the leading country / the most successful / prestigious country / economy / lifestyle – in the history of the world. Joe is damaging this country and all it stands for – it’s reputation in History – place on the world stage – setting us back – unbelievably – Biden needs to be stopped – eliminated – KICKED OUT – ASAP !

Lorraine E Blazich

Looks like everything is going according to the democrats’ plans. Put a man who lost the election in the office of the president and shortly thereafter have him retire due to his failing health, both mental and physical, and then the democrats can put their first choice for president, Kamala, into the position of President. Boy the democrats really know how to SET UP a plan and then perfectly execute it. They do it again and again because they are so incredibly genius that nobody that see exactly what they are doing. It was FDR who said that “nothing in government happens by accident” and he is 100% correct. The democrat’s SET UPS always achieve their goals to the letter and their comrades, the RINOs, are perfectly okay with what the democrats, their esteem colleagues, are doing.