Biden Should Go into Hiding After This…

Biden Should Go into Hiding After This...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Rebecca Downs from Townhall reports, Reuters/Ipsos released a new poll on Wednesday, and the results are less than kind to Joe Biden. The poll in question was conducted June 11-17. “U.S. President Joe Biden has seen an erosion in support since April, mainly from fellow Democrats, as his administration wrestles with Congress to make good on campaign promises and more Americans worry about an uneven economic recovery, Reuters/Ipsos polling shows,” a Reuters write-up reads.

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Even when the polls are skewed towards Democrats biden is still failing

New poll should have Joe Biden hidin’ but it won’t because he knows no shame. Cheers!

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Lyin biden

Every one in America and around the world know the democrats are a disaster.

It is extremely clear trump was good and democrats are horribly bad.


Biden is the head of tge democrat pervert rapist pedophile cult. He can not and will not take care of America. He is too busy dreaming about raping little girks.